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Whole 75/ May 1-July 14


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I completed my 1st whole 30 in January and felt great! :) I lost 15 lbs without ever feeling hungry, my joints had less pain and I had way more energy. February- I maintained with going back to paleo food after a day of SAD eating. March and April were pretty annoying. I tried to eat mainly paleo but realized i still had some food without brakes issues. So I think more than 30 days should help me figure out how to handle eating for the rest of my life.

I ate Whole 30 today but tomorrow I have a dinner planned weeks ago with a menu that isn't compliant, so that's why my official start with be May 1st.

Today was great! I did want a snack after yoga and after dinner-but I think that's more mental. I'm afraid I'm going to feel depreived.

B: Chicken sausage, no sugar bacon, bell pepper, mushroom

L: sweet potato, chicken curry, clementine

D: Stir-fry with hanger steak and kelp noodles

Snacs: larabar, pork rinds, blueberries

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