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How do you make sure you eat enough fat?

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I cook in plenty of (largely macadamia nut) oil, I eat ghee with my steamed veggies, I (occasionally) eat an avocado. But still don't feel like I'm getting enough fat, and think that is why I'm being drawn to massive nut binges. Can you please tell me what types of and how much fat you eat every day?

Thank you!

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Oh I just found this, posted by Carie Green:

The Nutrition Workshop Packet says to eat three meals a day. Base each meal around your protein source. All protein sources should be roughly the size of your open hand. Fill the rest of your plate with veggies. Occasionally add a small amount of fruit. Add fat as recommended below:

all oils - 1-2 thumb sized portions

all butters - 1-2 thumb sized portions

olives - one open heaping handful

coconut flakes - one open heaping handful

nuts and seeds - one closed handful

avocado - 1/2 - 1

coconut milk - between 1/4 and 1/2 of one 14oz can.

which is so helpful!!! If anyone has other ideas for how to add fat to a meal I'd love to hear.

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Ways I eat fat: cooking of course, oils on salads, olives or avocados added to salads, just an avocado with lime juice squeezed in the hollow and eaten out of the shell with a spoon, coconut milk in coffee or chai, my secret shame - a spoonful of ghee straight up, fatty cuts of meat like beef short ribs or pork butt made into pulled pork, tuna canned in olive oil, fatty fish like sockeye salmon.

For a special treat since you have the mac oil - drizzle some on a juicy sliced peach and sprinkle some almond slices or mac nut bits on top.

Missed a big one - use coconut milk for curry sauces, either Indian or Thai. The Thai coconut soup Tom Kha Gai.

It's also great in cream soups, or made into creamy salad dressings.

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Derval, I don't really have one. I just grab a recipe for guidelines off the web or out of a cookbook and wing it. A little more ginger in place of galangal, lime because I don't have the right leaves, more chili, different veg, different protein. It's different every time. I know what I want it to taste like and aim for that. My cooking methods drive everyone I know crazy, mostly because I can't give them a recipe. We won't talk about the other crazy making cooking.

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We also rely on coconut milk pretty regularly here. Thankfully my daughter loves avocados as long as they are mixed with tomatoes, and I love avocados with anything. I use lots of coconut oil, and I have started using olive oil on my salads (with a bit of lemon juice and some seasonings).

I also worry that we don't get enough fat (my 6yo is doing the Whole30 with me), so I have started giving her a shot of coconut milk (in an actual shot glass, she thinks it's cool!) with each meal.

If I notice shortly after a meal that I am hungry (and would gladly eat fish and broccoli if offered), I typically will have a sip or two of coconut milk. I don't love it, but I can tolerate it, it's convenient, and it seems to work.

Kayell, I am also a wing it kinda cook. Tonight I threw some left-over beef roast into the crock-pot with some tomato sauce, fresh diced tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and other random veggies, then dumped in some spices and some beef broth (from when I made the roast). It smelled fantastic and I can't wait to start it tomorrow morning so that I can eat it when I get home from work tomorrow night :0)

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