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I'm re-starting my Whole 30 today; I've been off the sugar for about a year, Primal for maybe a month, and am looking to tighten up.

Breakfast: N/A, and yes, I know that's bad.

Lunch: Romaine with chicken, olive oil as a dressing, and an apple.

Snack: Avocado.

The fridge and pantry are in good shape, but I may treat myself to a shopping trip for coconut milk and some berries today. Here we go!

ETA: After-school /post workout snack (I'm a teacher): 1/4 C dry-roasted macadamias, 1/3 C coconut milk. Probably a bit high on the fats, lacking veggies, alas, alas. Veggies are my biggest challenge - I was always a fruit girl.

Dinner: 3 eggs, plus mushrooms and onion sauteed in olive oil. Mashed cauliflower on the side!

Cooking tonight: Green beans, shredded chicken, mashed cauliflower.

Workout: 205# deadlift PR!!! Plus a circuit of pushups, pullovers, Russian twists. Good stuff!

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Good morning! Beautiful, but cold day. Challenge ahead: I'm going to a baseball game tonight, and while I don't feel the need to eat or drink at a game, I have friends who pressure me about food and/or think I'm not having fun if I'm not eating, which is so not the case!

Breakfast: 1/2C mixed onions and mushrooms, 1 egg, 1/2 avocado. Yum!

Lunch: Lettuce salad with chicken, olive oil, apple

Snack: Carrots and 1/4C macadamia nuts

Dinner: Will be a big ass salad with chicken and olive oil/vinegar, red onion, carrots, 1/2 avocado

Will cook up chickens salad (w/homemade mayo) tonight, as well as make the mashed cauliflower I didn't make yesterday.

Workout: Will do squats and core work; depends on what time we leave for the game!

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Day 3:

I overate a little bit yesterday after getting some bad news, but at least I overate Whole30 foods...I wish they had been veggies!

Breakfast: Lettuce with shredded chicken salad (chicken breast and homemade mayo) and vinegar.

Lunch: Lettuce w/olive oil and chicken, plus an apple.

(I wish I'd brought some extra snack food to school, alas, alas. I'll be home around 3:45 so I can have a snack then.)

Dinner: I'm thinking green beans, mashed cauliflower, and salmon with ghee.

Kind of a blah day, but my pants fit a bit better today! Keep on keepin' on. This is not the hardest thing you've ever done.

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You probably over ate because you were hungry! I think you will be much happier and have a better chance at success if you eat more protein and fat, especially at breakfast. Unless you are very very tiny and don't move around all day, one egg is not enough. Also, eating a lot of chicken breast isn't likely to keep you full between meals.

The template is your best friend: http://whole9life.co...ng-Template.pdf

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Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I could say I overate out of hunger but nope! I actually thought to myself, oh dear, you are not hungry, this is the vestiges of your old emotional eating, alas, alas.

Day 4, I've added an old workout top back into the mix - it fits again :)

Started the morning with cooked cauliflower topped with 2 fried eggs plus coconut water (what was left in the can of coconut milk after I scooped out the cream). Finished it with a nice long kayaking trip :)

Grabbed a cup of cut fruit and some almonds after kayaking, but mostly I'm thirsty and sucking down water. Will have grilled something for lunch and not sure about dinner. Will edit later!

Nuts are for me, like they are for many, a pitfall. I'll probably not replenish my stock when I run out of the macadamias I have at home. Coconut milk can be a downfall too - I really, really like it - but I think that if I portion it out into serving sizes that may help.

Good day so far!

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Day 6! I'm so glad I started this on the first of the month!

Breakfast was 3 eggs, scrambled, and strawberries. Cooked the eggs in coconut oil, but probably shoulda had a spoonful myself.

Lunch will be green salad with lots of veggies plus chicken and an apple. Olive oil dressing.

Snack will be breakfast sausage (I'm making a batch after school), 1/2 avocado.

Dinner...I'm going out to dinner tonight to a local, grass-fed burger place. There will be no buns or cheese or ketchup involved! Fingers crossed that I can load my burger up with lettuce and tomato, onion, maybe mushrooms, whatever other veggies are in the place...and that my friends won't give me a hard time about going bunless!

Worked out twice yesterday, and definitely need a rest today. I ran in the morning - it was beautiful, and as a former ultra runner, I can't quite give it up - and then did a fun Crossfit-style workout with my teacher friends. One of my fave social times every week!

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