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Sara's Whole30 July 2012


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I'm ready to begin my Whole30....here's what I ate on Day 1!

B-3 brown eggs with yellow pepper and onion cooked in a little ghee and coconut milk

Coffee, 1/2 banana, some orange slices and 3 strawberries

L-mixed salad greens with olives, a whole avocado, shoestring canned beets, some apple slices with sun butter.

D-4 small beef ribs (no sauce), yellow pepper and onion and shoestring beets again. More apple slices.

Drank lots of water!

Felt fine today...a little tired but otherwise good. I didn't exercise. Super hot outside. Happy with Day 1!

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Day 2-

B-2 fried eggs and a banana...had to rush out the door to work-a small cup of coffee

L-salad greens with turkey and ham cubes (not the best, but needed some protein)

olives, a small amount of egg, shredded carrots, 1/2 avocado and a few sunflower seeds-olive oil and balsamic vinegar

sweet potato with ghee

D-grass fed steak cooked in ghee, spinach, small sweet potato

Drank lots of water.....feel ok but kind of bloated and tired. Successful day 2!

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Day 3-slept well last night.

B-3 eggs with some canned tomatoes cooked in coconut oil

banana (whole),

blueberries with raw coconut coffee (about 16 ounces-half what I normally drink

L-mixed green salad with olives and 1/2 avocado, cucumber

apple slices with sunbutter

D-grass fed steak with spinach, canned tomato flavored with ghee

orange slices with raw coconut

Not as tired but kind of headache-y feeling today. Drank lots of water. I'm feeling like I CAN do this...3 days down, 27 to go!

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Day 4-slept well again.

Cooked some grass fed ground beef and onions (recipe from the book), a flank steak and peppers and onions. Enough protein to get me through 3-4 days of dinners. I like the idea of cooking a bunch of stuff at once. It will definately help me stick to the plan each week.

B- banana and 1 lg cup of coffee...cutting way down on coffee consumption

3 eggs with canned tomatoes, peppers and onions and 1 orange--craved fruit, maybe because of the heat. No AC at my house.

L-mixed green salad with cucumbers and olives with olive oil and vinegar dressing

grass fed ground beef with onions and peppers

strawberries and blueberries, bing cherries and a few orange slices with raw coconut

D-grass fed flank steak, small sweet potato w/coconut oil for flavor, some olives

Lots of water today. Feeling good so far. I really felt like having alcohol tonight--old habits die hard. Day 4 done, 26 to go!

Drinking lots of water!

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Day 12--feeling great, though still tired. Missed lots of logging but I have been sticking to my Whole30.

Today I had 3 eggs scrambled in ghee with Cherry tomatoes and a banana. Usually, I like to eat more breakfast, but I didn't have time before work. Had my normal 16 oz black coffee.

For lunch I had about 12 almonds and some natural applesauce (no sugar) and black olives

Dinner was grass fed ground beef with onions sautéed in ghee with crushed canned tomatoes. I also had blueberries with coconut milk. Yum!

I wanted more food today...erratic work hours this week have made planning and preparation difficult. I have the next few days off to do some shopping and cooking. Went to ALDI and got tons of fruits and veggies. I like how simple the shopping is with this way of eating. No hassling with coupons or endless label reading!

So far, I'm loving Paleo. I miss my wine, but I don't miss the after effects. Went to a BBQ the other night and ate watermelon and guacamole plain and still had a great time.(without drinking alcohol). I was smart and ate dinner at home before I went. Getting ready to incorporate more exercise into my program.

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Day 13

Breakfast-3 scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and onions sautéed in ghee.

A banana and coffee with coconut milk

A Clementine and 1/2 and a handful of blueberries with some raw unsweetened coconut

Water with lemon all day. Feeling great. Walked around the lake (3 miles). I'm so lucky to live near a lake. I don't have to drive to get there!

Having a Mexican birthday party for my son tonight. Will be making regular stuff for the family, along with a key lime cake. It's great to KNOW I will be sticking with my plan. I'll eat my own ground beef with lettuce, tomatoes, olives and avocado....it'll be hard to skip the alcohol (margarita's), but I can do it and I WILL...I'm almost half way through this and am feeling so HAPPY :)!

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