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Two Whole30 completed

Sarah Milcetic

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Hi everyone! Here's a bit about me (and my family)...

In 2011 I started realizing my "healthy" WAPF-style diet wasn't working for me when I had a baby and he had many reactions to my breastmilk depending on what I was eating. I started eliminating all the problematic foods until all his symptoms went away. What I was left with was the Paleo diet (minus nuts).

I completed two W30s, one in January and just finished another in June. My son has improved significantly over the last 6+ months. I initially saw a lot of improvements too (sleep, circulation, went from size 12 to size 2 etc) but the last few months I've been struggling with feeling worse.

I recently figured out that I can't handle coconut (except fresh) or dark chocolate. Both make me very bloated/gassy. I tried removing eggs and nightshades with no noticeable change on reintroduction. I'm hoping that staying away from chocolate and coconut will be my answer because I've really been struggling emotionally lately, feeling frustrated that I can't get a handle on this.

My husband is really excited by W30 and did both challenges with me. His life-long digestive issues have reversed and he's gone from a 38 pants to a 32.

Looking forward to some great discussions and getting to know everyone!



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Congrats, that is so awesome!! I hope to be able to brag one day about completing two or more Whole 30's! :)

I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling poor lately. I started Primal at the beginning of April, and my stomach was a complete disaster until fairly recently. I was constantly bloated and gassy and I was getting so frustrated with it. I almost considered ditching Primal/Paleo and just going back to my SAD. But, I didn't and I'm really glad I didn't, because now my digestive issues are getting WAY BETTER!!! I think sometimes it simply takes time for the gut to start healing and for our stomach's to settle down after going through such a huge change with the kind of food it's getting.

I have also found that when I eat a lot of fruit, I seem to get a lot more gassy and bloated. I have to try to keep it to one or two servings of fruit per day. Maybe that is something you could try.

I wish you the best of luck on your next W30!!

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Thank you all so much for your thoughtful feedback and compliments.

Marissa, I know the frustrated feeling well! I had heard of that possibility with fruit and did limit it for a few months (now I'm not since it's summer and we are getting so many delicious berries from our farmer's market). During my first W30, I wasn't able to digest bananas well (even though they are supposed to be so easy to digest!) but I know I have made some improvements because bananas are no longer a problem.

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