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Day 15-Finally Feel AWESOME!

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I felt like crapola from day 1-13. I felt like I had the flu the first week, then got actually sick, in bed, with a real cold/upper respiratory. But, lo and behold, Day 13 arrived, and I woke up feeling so great. I couldn't help myself and stepped on the scales. I am down 5 lbs, feel great, and really feel good about how I am cooking and learning how to cook differently for my family of 5 kids and hubbie.

My kids have stuck to our plan, and are actually telling me they like my good new food. Even though I was sick, I have let everything else in my house go and cooked day and night. I am getting the hang of it, and have lost any anxiety over trying to figure out how to feed my 5 kids who are always hungry! Last night we had marinated fish cooked in coconut oil, and a stew with sausages and tons of veggies. They asked for it in their lunches today! I pretty much feel like wonder woman, and have not felt this confident in my abilities as a momma for a long, long time.

I have Hashimoto's and have always regulated it by eating gluten free and exercise. We have been 'mostly' paleo for 2 years, but not like this. THIS is a whole different animal, and I love it.

The kicker for me is that I have not exercised once, except for taking my dog on walks. This isn't out of choice, I love bikram yoga (practice 4-5 times a week,) and the gym, but I felt so bad the first 2 weeks, it was all I could do to feed us and make sure my kids were alive. I am so excited to add my exercise back in for these next 2 weeks and see what happens. I only needed to lose 10-15 lbs, so I know I'm already on the right track.

I haven't told anyone outside of anyone who has asked what we are doing, but after day 30, I can't wait to share my success with people. It's really exciting, and I know this will be a lifelong lifestyle for us. So happy!

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