Bacon without Sugar?

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Hey all! So I started my Whole30 today (woohoo!). I normally eat Paleo, with the exception of MASSIVE sugar cravings. So I'm thrilled to have started this.

I'm looking for bacon that's made w/o sugar. Everywhere I look, there's sugar, evaporated cane syrup, brown sugar, etc added to the bacon. Are there any others out there without the added sugar?

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I get mine from US Wellness online. I've heard that compliant bacon can be found at Trader Joe's but every brand mine carries has sugar.

Ditto this. (Actually, my first order just came today--yay!)

Here's the link:

I was also pointed to Heritage Foods:

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We have some of that in our freezer so I went and checked. Yes, no sugar but it has nitrates in it... too bad, I'm starting my second Whole 30 in January


Nitrates are not actually out on a Whole30, although you're certainly welcome to decide not to have them if that's your preference.


Here's an example of a thread where this was discussed before (you can google Whole30 nitrates for more such discussions), and here's the Whole30 Bacon Manifesto for more on the official Whole30 stance on bacon.

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I've tried the US Wellness bacon before & found it lacking in any flavor. 


I like buying the cooked pork belly from Trader Joe's & slicing it up like thick-cut bacon.  It actually tastes better than "normal" bacon to me, and the only ingredients are pork belly & salt.


whoa, that sounds amazing!! my guy and i tried the pederson's but it was lacking in flavor/heft to us and was also eight dollars for about ten slices. hah.


there used to be a food truck here in houston that did a pork belly "BLT" with smoked paprika aioli & a fried egg. MAN.

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