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Loubee 1st Whole 30 success


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So technically I finish tomorrow but I wanted to write this now before I'm tempted to get on the scales in case an irrelevant number changes my perspective. Apologies in advance - it's quite long!

This was my preamble

"This is my 2nd attempt - first one ended on day 2 with a monster low carb hangover and a boisterous toddler. I decided I needed more preparation so have been gearing up. My meals are almost all compliant - it's the bits in between that is the problem.

My reasons for doing Whole 30

I think about food all the time, absolutely all the time and I'd really like to stop.

I cannot say no to sugar - it has absolute control over me - and as a control freak I'd really like that to be the other way round.

I want to be in the best health I can be - better digestion in particular

I'd like to sleep better and have more energy - although to be fair to the Whole30 program this might have more to do with my 18 month old toddler than what I eat

My goals for Whole 30

To conquer my sugar demons - to be able to say no to sugar and stay in control

That's it - it has to be primary focus. In the longer term I'd like to lose some body fat but it's not crucial - I'm 5ft 5 and 126lbs - but I would rather use starchy carbs and fattier foods like nuts to feel good without sugar for now and worry about my hips next time around!â€

So how did it go? … what did I learn?

The highlights

Very proud I made it to the end (nearly but there's no way I'm giving in now). My family and friends are all very impressed - although of course it's not as hard as they all think … How can something that makes you feel great be hard?!

I really loved the focus that the strict rules gave - no thinking about food all the time - I ate my meal and it was done. Before I played these constant mind games with myself (and with My Fitness pal) that were taking up way too much head space.

The sugar demons weren't as strong as I had feared. After a few days that desire to eat something sweet after every meal had passed.

I had very consistent energy. I particularly noticed in the 6-7.30pm window when I bathe and bed my son that usually I'm on my last legs but often felt almost sparkling. I love that W30 improved my relationship with my son as I have the energy to interact with him after work rather than just make it through.

I slept better .. and so did my toddler! We have been struggling with his 5am wakes for a while now but, whilst he was not doing W30, I was much more aware of the protein/veg balance in his meals and generally cooking more protein based meals. We were surprised to discover that he slept much better after these meals - it seems that he was waking with hunger. I feel bad now that I never figured it out before but sometimes as a parent it's hard to see the wood for the trees.

I look great! My skin is clear, eyes bright and my body is definitely more lean. At the gym on Day 20 a couple of the gym trainers were chatting and stopped me to say "haven't you lost a stack of weight? you look rippedâ€! :) I never took any start measurements but I had to go buy a new bra this week as it was hanging loose. I dropped from a 32C to a 30C - actually she said I was just under 29â€. And the best bit… I was never ever in the slightest bit hungry or headachy.

I learned that I eat for emotional reasons a lot. I eat to cope with frustration and boredom and that it's better to either deal with that emotion or use distraction to wait for it to pass (just like toddler parenting!)

I use food (and wine) as a reward. I struggled without my glass of wine on a Saturday night - it firmly signifies the “specialness†of the meal to me.

The not so highlights

I didn't however see any improvements digestively nor with my severe seasonal allergies. This maybe because I ate out quite a bit and could never be 100% sure of compliance.

Which brings me to … eating out is a real struggle. I eat out about 4 times a week and I found getting things to eat that were tasty and compliant impossible. I've eaten a lot of dry meat and steamed veggies.

I also felt like I did a lot more cooking and that was hard work. I think I got better at being organised and cooking in bulk but there is no denying that this way of eating requires more effort than shoving a pizza in the oven.

What happens now?

I can't decide though how close to W30 I want to be in my daily life. I know I want to be more relaxed in restaurants - but I think I'll be much more inclined to order something W30 in style - i.e. steak and eggs, not fruit and pancakes. It's more about whether I go back to my cappuccino or stick to my coconut milk. I do want to stay as compliant as possible - and I think the strict rules work for me - but it's just a case of embedding it as my day to day life. It feels like that might take some time, an awareness as I reintroduce, and probably a second W30.

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This is a nicely analyzed and presented story. Thanks.

To help with digestive issues, you may need to add certain foods to your diet as much as keep certain things out. The additions would include sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, bone broth, etc.

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