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Started May 1!

Ashley V.

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Hi everyone! I have been an avid CrossFitter for over 2 years I have been a Paleo subscriber for approximately a year and I've never felt better. In January I did a 60 day strict Paleo cleanse, and felt phenomenal. Within the last two months, however, I have started to slip back into my old ways. I'm learning that the 80/20 formula doesn't work for me (I am prone to binge eating, and emotional eating).

I started the Whole 30 on May 1 with a friend of mine. I'm already feeling a lot better and fit into my uniform pants a lot more easily.

I am excited to see what I'm able to accomplish in this 30 days. I have had two challenges so far:

1. Not weighing myself (usually I weigh myself multiple times a day)

2. I work at a school, and there are ALWAYS lots of goodies around (cake, cookies, soda, etc).

I am a very goal-oriented person, and I like to think the numbers on the scale are a reflection of my continued progress towards my goal. However, I know I need to transition my focus onto thinking more about how I feel, as opposed to what the scale says.

Regarding the second challenge, I am starting to slowly realize that there will ALWAYS be a special occasion Especially in a school with over 50 staff members, there's usually at least a birthday a week. Top that off with a very active social life filled with friends in a community that is obsessed with breweries (Bend, OR). There's always an invitation to meet at a brew pub for a few, and I love our local craft beers.

I just need to keep in mind that socializing should not have to be food-centric. Even if it is, I can make choices that align with my Paleo lifestyle, and I don't need to conform!

I'm loving this forum idea, so stay tuned for more posts from yours truly..


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Hi Ashley, I started on the first as well. I'm definitely scale challenged. I've been weighing my food and myself for so many decades. Thisis going to challenge me.

Good luck! Congrats on that 60 day cleanse.

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Welcome both of you, yes part of the W30 is building a whole new relationship with food, nourishing our bodies and eventually learning to listen to them instead of dictating to them what we're 'allowed' depending on numbers on a scale. so ditch the scales both of you :) It really can be done (from a former multi times a day weigher). good luck

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