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Day 1, is this ok?


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Meal 1: Ham, peppers, and, onions omelet

4 strawberries

16 oz of water

Meal 2: grilled chicken salad with onions, peppers, and egg whites

Vinegar for dressing

1/2 cup of cantelope, honeydew

I got hungry at 3 p.m

Snack: 2 slices of ham

handful of almonds

Meal 3: rotisserie chicken

1/2 sweet potato w cinnamon and nutmeg

salad w onions and vinegar

handful of olives

How did I do?

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First two meals are low on fat. That might be part of why you got hungry in the afternoon.

Did you just happen to have egg whites on hand to use up? General wisdom around here is that you should use whole eggs.

Otherwise, looks pretty good to me.

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I've never seen ham in the United States that was not cured with sugar. Being cured with sugar would make all of your meals and snacks with ham non-compliant for the Whole30.

And like CAK911 said, we like whole eggs around here. The most important nutrition is in the yolk.

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Check the ingredients on the rotisserie chicken as well, unless you cooked it yourself. Not all stores have compliant rotisserie chicken.

Also, feel free to use some olive oil on that salad!

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Hi, I spent 30 minutes reading packages at Whole Foods last night. It was amazing how many of the meats have sugar of some sort. I did find some sausages that will work. I like the pre cooked especially for breakfast so that I can grab and go. I think they will be great with sautéed cabbage.

I just started on Wednesday, so I'm new to this as well.


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