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percypat's 1st Whole 30


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I quite like the idea of a log ... Writing down everything is so good for accountability!

I started the Whole 30 on Thursday 2nd May, so this is day 3 for me, and so far I think I'm doing ok. I think I've been eating more fruit than I ought to and I'll try to cut back on this. The scales on Thursday morning said 57.5 kg (about 126.5lb for the non-metric amongst you, and yes, I promise not to check again until the 30 days are up). I'm 30 years old, female and 157.5 cm tall (5,2). I live in Western Australia.

Due to severe, chronic eczema, I am currently taking an immuno-suppressant called ciclosporin. I only started this two weeks ago. I have tried dietary approaches for helping my eczema in the past with no clear results so I'm not expecting miracles from the Whole 30 (it would be hard to judge anyway due to the medication). Rather than changing my diet just for my skin, I am doing it for overall health. I keep hearing wonderful things about this way of eating. I want in on it too :)

Here's a quick re-cap of my meals so far:

Thursday 02/05

Breakfast: 2-egg omelette cooked with coconut oil. Red capsicum (bell pepper I think?), green beans and some chopped green chilli, also fried very quickly in coconut oil.

Snack: macadamia nuts and raw capsicum slices.

Snack: one pink lady apple

No lunch - naughty. I worked from 11:30 to 15:30 and my breakfast did such a good job of filling me up, I didn't feel like lunch when I got home (ate the nuts and capsicum on my break).

Dinner: Slow cooked shredded beef (beef, onions, salt, pepper, chilli powder, paparika) with green beans. Small bowl frozen raspberries with a big drizzle of coconut cream. (I teach Zumba Fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights so am always ravenous when I come home and eat dinner!).

Friday 03/05

Breakfast: slow cooked apple cobbler (apple, coconut cream, shredded coconut, cinnamon). I know, I know, not ideal - too much fruit, not enough protein. Giving up sweet breakfasts is hard. The coconut cream must have done a great job keeping me satisfied though, as I didn't feel the urge to snack all morning.

Lunch: squid rings lightly coated in dessicated coconut, fried in coconut oil (this was so yummy! Will definitely make again). Red cabbage cooked with garlic, olive oil and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Dinner: Baked chicken breast with olive oil, garlic powder and cajun spice. Blanched green beans. Avocado and lime juice. Frozen raspberries with coconut cream. (I hope this is ok. It's so tasty).

Snack: walnuts.

I'll come back and post today's eats at the end of the day. Did the big grocery shop this morning and have a lot more vegetables in the house, have just made a big pot of vegetable stock and am feeling good about the coming week!

Would appreciate any feedback! Really excited to be here guys!

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Thank you whitjm5!

Here's my log for today - Saturday 5 May.

Breakfast: leftover slow cooked apple cobbler.

Lunch: leftover chicken from last night. Leftover shredded beef from dinner on Thursday night along with red cabbage cooked in olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Dinner: Sweet potato and basil soup (got recipe from paleomg.com - love her!), 2 boiled eggs and raw kale with balsamic vinegar for dressing.

After dinner snack: homemade kale chips (kale, olive oil, salt). Have never made these before, hadn't even tried store bought ones, but will definitely make again. Husband just got home from seeing Black Sabbath and he got stuck in as well. All gone!

Have had a couple of cups of tea today with a dash of coconut milk as I struggle to drink it black.

My victory today (apart from the kale chips of win): not eating fruit after lunch and dinner. I don't intend to stop eating it because it has it's place, but I want to break away from eating it as dessert. I'm one of those people who always likes to finish a meal with something sweet and this is supposed to be helping me deal with that.

I love this food! Excited about cooking again tomorrow!

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I love that you are loving the foods you CAN have! It is the way to truly enjoy this experience.

Now, a little lecture for you. :)

Your slow cooked apple cobbler really seems like a re-creation of a sweet porridge-y type breakfast. Start looking for meal 1's that will incorporate more veggies and proteins into your breakfast. Perhaps start with adding a protein and veg to your plate and have a "side" of something like your apple cobbler. Eventually, let the veggies "push" the cobbler off your plate.

Otherwise, looks good! And the squid sounds delicious!

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It's sounds cliche but breakfast really does set you up for the rest of the day--with his WOE perhaps more so.

You want to follow the template for all meals. Nobody's perfect but this will give you your best shot at feeling good and having enough energy between meals.


Enjoying your food is also key! :) Nice work on the fruit.

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Thanks ladies :) And Beets, thanks for posting that template. Stupid as this sounds, I actually missed that one - I've downloaded the shopping list, the pantry guide, the goods meats pdfs, along with some others but somehow this one didn't make it into the folder. I knew the cobbler wasn't the best option but didn't realise how far away it took me from the template. Just as well I found out early on!

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Day 4: Sunday 5 May

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, leftover sweet potato and basil soup and a big celery stick.

Lunch: shredded beef, carrots and broccoli. Realised there wasn't much fat going on there so I had a spoonful of coconut oil as well. (Do many other people like eating it straight off the spoon?).

Snack: Today's snack brought to me by the letter W. Watermelon and walnuts.

Dinner: Indonesian chicken curry, cooked in the slow cooker. First time I've made a curry from scratch! It was nice but very mild. Husband has stomach issues so went very easy on the chilli so as not to upset his tummy. Will play around with this and try and get some more oomph happening. Had this with cauliflower rice and bok choy. (Love cauliflower rice! Who comes up with these ideas?).

I'm a bit mixed up about fruit. I was putting off writing this as I was wrestling with myself about whether to have "dessert" (either some more watermelon or some raspberries with coconut cream). Then I realised the best thing I could do would be to update my log and "close" the day off. I know I'm supposed to stop treating fruit like a sweet, like a dessert replacement. But it is sweet and it's so hard for me to get away from that! I mentioned this on the paleo forum on reddit and that I found it a bit confusing - that you can eat fruit but not as a replacement for sweet - and was told the idea is to treat it like a component of a meal, like putting berries on the same plate as your omelette. Even if I did that, I'd leave those berries til last: would I have sabotaged myself in that case? I always leave my favourite thing on my plate til last! (Doesn't everyone?).

But I'm rambling. I feel like I made better choices today. I'm still feeling resolute and happy with my food, though history says I will most likely chug along happily for a week or so and then start craving all the things I can't have. Will just have to deal with that when it comes. And I had a proud moment today: made lemon coconut "brownies" (though they were not brown at all) for my husband to take in to work tomorrow (they're having some bakeoff thing as a charity fundraiser) and no utensil or finger was licked, no crumb sneakily tasted. The pride! The smugness! Will have to remember that feeling for when the novelty is wearing off and I have to dig a bit deeper to stay motivated.

Hope everyone is having fab day!

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The main idea is to get away from the idea of dessert. Saving your berries for last isn't the same as standing in your kitchen and thinking, hmmm, I really miss having dessert, I want something sweet, but I can't eat ____ so I'll have some berries with coconut milk instead.

Sounds similar but in Scenario A you are adding a few berries (when I do this I have seriously like four raspberries or one strawberry, maybe a couple slices of pineapple in a curry/stir fry)) to change texture, add a different taste, etc. In Scenario B you are keeping the dessert habit alive and well so that when you end your W30 there will be nothing to stop you from eating a pint of ice cream after dinner. You never changed that dessert-after-dinner habit or routine.

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Also, the less sweet you have, the less sweet you crave, and the better fat adapted you become. Avoiding fruits has been one of the most important lessons of my w30.

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I'll remember that LadyM!

And Beets, you will be pleased to hear that not only did I not try to eat something breakfasty this morning (I had leftovers from dinner last night), I also split the little bowl of watermelon in half and ate half of it before the curry and half of it after. I still finished with the fruit but tried to mix things up a little. Every victory counts right?

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Still feeling good today, no cravings yet.

Breakfast: Leftover chicken curry from last night with cauliflower rice and baby bok choy. Small bowl of watermelon.

Lunch: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil. More cauliflower rice. Threw together a soup with vegetable stock (had some homemade stuff still sitting in the fridge from Saturday), carrots, coriander, chopped chilli, lemongrass, lemon juice and pepper. It was like a very mild hot and sour Thai soup.

Snack: walnuts.

Dinner: Pork, apple and fennel meatballs (from Expat Paleo, yum! http://expatpaleo.com/recipes/pork-fennel-and-apple-meatballs/ ), broccoli and roast butternut pumpkin and garlic mash. Watermelon.

Love trying a new recipe and getting approval from my husband. He's not doing the Whole 30 but I'm very lucky: he doesn't question my choices or challenge me on anything and he'll eat just about anything I put in front of him so I don't have to worry about cooking anything different for him. He adored the meatballs and went back for seconds.

My snack was actually a pre-breakfast snack, I had an appointment with my dermatologist at 7:30am and didn't want to rush eating my breakfast before heading into town! My skin is kind of responding to the medication he put me on two weeks ago (ciclosporin - an immuno suppressant) but not as well as he hoped so we've upped my dose. When I first started taking it, it played havoc with my appetite. Hopefully it won't happen again. I can't believe I'm saying that. Before I started the Whole 30, anything that made me not hungry was considered a wonderful and welcome thing. Now I just want to be able to eat all my meals. It's quite amazing to not be afraid of my lack of self control!

Still feeling good. Long may it last!

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Long may it last! Thanks for the recipe review! I like the sound of that soup you made.

I hope the meds don't wreak havoc with you. A proper appetite is a wonderful thing!

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Long may it last! Thanks for the recipe review! I like the sound of that soup you made.

I hope the meds don't wreak havoc with you. A proper appetite is a wonderful thing!

Thanks calee! I have always had an EXCELLENT appetite - unfortunately I have always fed it with not-so-excellent things. Hopefully I'm setting myself up for some good, long-term change :)

Today has been Day 6 ... Tomorrow I get to say Day 7 and that will be my first week done and dusted! Looking forward to saying that.

Breakfast today was more curry leftovers with cauliflower rice and bok choy. Small bowl of watermelon. (This wedge of watermelon I bought seems to be neverending. I picked the smallest one there. Good thing I love watermelon!)

I worked from 12-4pm today which meant leaving home just after 11am. As I expected, I wasn't all that hungry so I had a few walnuts on the way to work and an apple on my 10 minute break. Now that was either the sweetest apple I've ever eaten or my tastebuds are adapting. One of my workmates came into the back room to get something and caught me sitting there staring at my apple like I'd never seen one before. There wasn't really time to explain so I just said I was daydreaming ...

I was teaching my Zumba class at 7pm and didn't want to be too full so I had a small "lunch" when I got home around 5pm ... 1 egg fried in coconut oil, cauliflower rice and the last of the curry sauce. Was just the right amount of food - didn't feel it in there when it was time to teach my class.

Home at about 8:20pm and straight into cooking dinner as I don't like going to bed on a full stomach. Coconut oil, pork chop and a sliced granny smith apple in the pan. Blob of leftover roast butternut pumpkin and garlic mash. Raw celery. Very satisfying (though anything is after teaching - I always come home ravenous afterwards!). I loved the apple and pork together. In fact, I liked having the cooked slices of apple better than apple sauce. I liked biting into them. I really am a volume eater - the more substantial, the better.

I'm fuller than I should be, and this has come on steadily since dinner so I think the medication might actually be showing its hand now. It went away last time, so I'm sure I won't have to deal with it for too long.

I feel like I need to work on sorting my snacks out - especially for days like today where I've only got a 10 minute break. I need to make them look more like mini-meals instead of fruit and nuts. That's my challenge for my next shift at work. Maybe boiled eggs and chopped raw veggies? And I did eat a lot of fruit today - water melon and then an apple for snack and one at dinner. I feel like 2 servings a day is a happy medium.

My victory today was still fruit-related though: incorporating fruit into a savoury dish instead of saving it as a sweet (my ongoing bete-noire!).

Looking forward to smashing tomorrow and having the first week in the bag.

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Breakfast: Leftover pork and apple meatballs, raw celery and capsicum sticks, apples and onions fried together with coconut oil.

Lunch: Sweet potato and basil soup, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, bok choy and more celery.

Dinner: Roast chicken prepped with olive oil and sage, broccoli and roast pumpkin and garlic.

Snack: homemade kale chips and raw red capsicum.

So that is Day 7 and the first week of this Whole 30 is done and dusted!!! Feeling pretty pleased if I do say so myself.

I was reading the Paleo sub-reddit on reddit today and a newcomer to eating paleo was asking for help as she was constantly hungry and looking for snacks. At first I couldn't quite believe it, I have gone from being the snackiest snacker to making it quite easily from meal to meal. I did have a snack today but we're talking a few paper thin kale chips because I felt like something salty and a few sticks of capsicum because I was chopping it to prep for later and it looked so lovely and crunchy - a far cry from wanting something big and sweet and being genuinely hungry for it. Then I remembered that Paleo doesn't mean Whole 30 and it's more about sticking to (or abstaining from) certain foods, not trying to change one's relationship with it.

I'm just so glad I started my foray into Paleo this way. Bring on week 2! :)

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I was reading the Paleo sub-reddit on reddit today and a newcomer to eating paleo was asking for help as she was constantly hungry and looking for snacks. At first I couldn't quite believe it, I have gone from being the snackiest snacker to making it quite easily from meal to meal.

I relate! I wasn't much of a snacker, per se, but I ate every 3-4 hours just a week ago. Yesterday I had to go a huge stretch without a meal and it was just fine. :D

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You're doing great! I love having no tummy desire to snack too! When I want to snack its because of mouth, not tummy hunger.

As always, your food looks great.

I woke up happy this morning to be starting Day 8- Week 2. I don't know that 30 days are going to be long enough for me. I've had a poor relationship with food for many decades!

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When I want to snack its because of mouth, not tummy hunger.

Yes! This is me as well! I just want the taste of something - like the salt with the kale chips - but I'm not actually hungry. I guess these are the cues we're learning to read, hey?

I feel the same way about the 30 days not being enough. When this one is up, I'm think I'll probably ease up a bit for a few days - maybe paleoify a dessert, see if the husband wants to eat out at all and not be boring when we go - and then think about doing another Whole 30. It's early days yet so that might get thrown out the window but I'm keen to stay as compliant as possible as I'm liking what's happening at the moment :)

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Me too! I love what's happening! There is no specific food that's calling to me. it's my mouth that's to blame! 😷. This has always been my issue, eating when not hungry. I'm being confronting with that daily. My meals are so satisfying, I couldn't possibly be hungry between meals.

Here's cheers to our success on this journey. Who knows, maybe we'll do the next 30 together.

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I'd like that calee! Let's see how we go with this first one and if we're both keen for a second we could tee up a start date for together for it.

First day of the second week (otherwise known as Day 8) ... I am crossing all my fingers that I can continue as I started, stay compliant and not get hit with any tiredness, headaches or cravings.

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, leftover broccoli and roast pumpkin from dinner last night.

Lunch: Leftover roast chicken, cauliflower rice, one apple and one onion fried together in coconut oil.

Dinner: Slow cooked chuck steak (my own recipe! Well, my own experiment I should say. I was feeling brave and saucy this morning and just winged it, throwing this, that and the other into the crock ... came out pretty good) and cauliflower rice. Watermelon (finally finished that wedge. I thought it would never end).

Snack: raw red capsicum on the bus back from uni.

It's 10:41pm and I taught a Zumba class tonight, so I'm still a bit wired and not ready to go to bed yet. Takes me so long to wind down afterwards! I get so over-excited. Also, I did notice that I wasn't at all fatigued at the end of class. My aerobic fitness is pretty good but I put a lot of effort in when I teach and can feel it in my legs at the end of the class. I can and have taught two classes back to back, but tonight I felt just as fresh at the end as at the beginning and it was pretty high impact tonight. This may have just been a good night but how fantastic would it be if it's due to this way of eating and I'll continue getting this benefit from it?

Time will tell :)

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I LOVE my Zumba instructor! She does a great mix of salsa, latin, hip hop, african. It's such a great hour of fun! I think it's awesome that you teach. If I ever make it to your side of the pond, I'm coming to one of your classes. I hope that all of that great energy is a result of your wonderful food plan.

My sleep still sux. I'm still taking 1/4 of an ambien several times a week. I've had this problem for over a decade. Pretty much since menopause when my hormones shifted. I think I'll know that I've done enough Whole30's when my sleep is restored. So yes! I'll most likely be in for another WholeWhatever when this one is done. Only time will tell. :)

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Thanks janetdawn! Congrats on finishing your first week as well :) And I made my own mayo today - thanks for the inspiration!

Haven't been feeling too great today, but I don't know if things are finally catching up with me or if it's my medication. Tired, headachey, lack of concentration ... But also the nasty full feeling I got when I started on ciclosporin, along with tingles in my hands and feet (which are definitely a side effect of the drugs). So it's either the meds, or a combination of both. I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight and hopefully I'll feel a lot better in the morning.

Breakfast: Two eggs fried in coconut oil, some apple and onion fried together (new favourite!) and bok choy.

Lunch: Sweet potato and ginger soup with leftover chicken and celery sticks.

Dinner: Leftover beef from yesterday with cauliflower rice.

Snack: a couple of dried apricots (finally find some that didn't have preservatives and bought them to go in turkey meatballs next week - but couldn't resist a taste test today).

Also had a go at making chicken stock to use up the bones from Wednesday's roast chicken, it tastes ok and some of it will get used tomorrow. I'll probably freeze the remainder. And I made mayo for the first time! Used the recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl and got a pretty good result - a bit thin, but definitely mayo. So a bit of a foggy day, but a productive one nonetheless. (Unfortunately not so much on the research front but hopefully the brain fog will clear soon).

One little rant: I was trying to find cranberries to go with the ground turkey I bought today and could not find any without added sugar and sunflower oil. I went to the health food store after my supermarket fail and ended up looking through every packet of dried fruit they had in there. The only one I could find without sunflower oil was the packet of turkish apricots. All these fruits I would love to eat and cook with: dried dates, dried blueberries, dried cranberries and dried cherries, cherries! (I love cherries, and dried cherries would be the business). Sigh.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Day 10 - one third of the way through!

Breakfast: sweet potato and ginger soup, 2 boiled eggs, raw celery and homemade mayo.

Lunch: Leftover slow cooked beef, cauliflower rice.

Dinner: Baked chicken breast with olive oil, garlic powder and ground cumin. Bok choy and roast pumpkin.

Snack: dried apricots.

So a good night's sleep didn't fix me, felt like rubbish for the better part of today. Have perked up this evening though, and thank goodness for that. Same things as yesterday. My husband and I went into town so he could drop something into work and we did a bit of shopping. I didn't like walking around feeling like my breakfast was sitting at the bottom of my throat (thank you ciclosporin) but at least I came home with a bit of loot! A blanket and wheat bag for warming up (yay, warm afternoons on the couch) and a julienne peeler. I can finally have a go at making zucchini noodles!

Hope everyone is feeling fantastic :)

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I hope your energy returns. It's not great feeling less than optimal. That said, I don't think I've felt optimal in decades so clueless what that would actually feel like.

Hang in there!

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Thanks calee! I think it's just a matter of waiting for my body to catch up and adapt again. She'll be right :)

Day 11

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, bok choy, half a red capsicum with mayo for dipping.

Lunch: Leftover beef, cauliflower rice, roast pumpkin.

Dinner: Pulled pork (love my slow-cooker!), red cabbage and broccoli. Mayo drizzled over broccoli for some fat.

Snacks: dried apricots, homemade kale chips.

I love that it was my husband eyeing up the bunch of kale on the counter ... Bought it on Friday and had it sitting there in water. This afternoon he finally said: "So, um, kale chips today?". Felt really pleased with myself watching him munching away with the bowl on his lap as the Grand Prix started. It's not hard to feed him vegetables but getting someone off potato chips and onto kale ones feels like kind of a big deal.

Still feeling the same as yesterday but at least I'm not feeling worse. Thinking it'll be upwards from here. Not far from the halfway point :)

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