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At about 15 days into my first W30, i decided i wanted to get some blood work done. My numbers are below. I was a bit surprised at me elevated total cholesterol levels. Prior to this W30, i'd say that my compliance levels with paleo were about 60-40. I'm hoping that after about another month when i retake this test, my numbers will be less alarming.

Cholesterol: 241

Triglycerides: 45

HDL: 70

LDL Calculated: 162

HDL% Calc.: 29


LDL Direct: 152

HGB A1C: 5.4

GLU Fast: 79

C Reactive Protein: <0.5

Thoughts anyone? Thanks.

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Your triglycerides and HDL numbers are outstanding. That keeps your modestly high total number from being scary in my opinion. And for that matter, 241 is just above the intermediate risk range of 200-239.

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Yeah, the first thing I noticed was the awesome triglycerides number -- I have a genetic predisposition to high triglycerides. I've managed to bring mine down a lot (70 points!) with Whole30 in the past few months, but they're still a little elevated. I'm hoping I can bring them down some more.

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