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Day 6 - first whole 30, wedding in 61 days!


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I am super tempted to get on my scale... with so little time until the wedding I want some sign that this is helping me lean out and lose weight. I don't have much to lose... I was a gymnast until 22 and did CrossFit up until this last year but I still want to lean out a bit more for the BIG DAY. I'm trying to do more cardio and less lifting this year so I'm less bulky.

Anyway, I think I'm doing well so far...

Breakfast: sweet potato hash browns, 2 eggs over easy, 1/2 avocado

Lunch: roasted sweet potatoes/butternut squash, half avocado

Dinner: ribs (screwed up asian spiced ribs in the crockpot, I have a lot to learn about cooking), roasted sweet potatoes/carrots/butternut squash, handful of almonds, handful of coconut flakes

I feel pretty good and am not as hungry in between meals. I ordered some meat from US wellness so I am VERY excited to receive my whole-30 approved bacon.

Any advice, encouragement, cooking tips (I live alone and am an intern so have minimal time) are greatly appreciated! Thanks for the support :)

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I contend that more weightlifting (fit looks better than skinny) and less cardio (due to cortisol, etc.) is the way to go, but that's my humble opinion.

And the opinion of a few others:



Conventional wisdom is frequently wrong (as you're learning doing a Whole 30). Also applies to fitness. Good luck whatever you decide. And congratulations!

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