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June 28 was Day 1 of my W30


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I've been gluten free for almost 2 years and have been exercising and tracking my food for 6 months until January 31 of this year when I heard about paleo eating and shortly thereafter the Whole 9/Whole 30.

I completed a whole 27 in March right before a vacation. Being a homeschooling, stay at home mom of four kids (one of whom has special needs), I found it overwhelming to eat like that when I didn't have my own kitchen. So I had great plans to just end it and add one thing at a time back in. But, it just wasn't possible while out of my element. What I did accomplish during that time, was a breaking of the cycle of the scale. I was a chronic scale abuser. I came away from that (after making my husband hide the scale completely) not evening worrying about the scale or my weight. Now I only weigh about once a week. So I still considered it a success.

I used the book Well Fed to find new ways to cook and I couldn't have done it without that book. It is a must, in my opinion.

So I am beginning another W30 which I am shortening to a W25. I want to have a few days to add in a few things to see what happens with dairy and corn before the official whole 30 starts on August 1.

My goals are to begin to change my relationship wth food. I found that although I was still mainly eating paleo after the last go-around, I would feel like I fell off the wagon if I ate anything that wasn't whole 30 approved. Also, when stressed, I would go right back to sugar and popcorn. So that's my goal. I might not completely get there in July but I will get there. This is health for my lifetime, not just a quick diet.

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It's definitely a process and sounds like you are on the right track. Yay for progress!!! :) I am on Day 5 now and it isn't always the easiest thing (especially for a people pleaser like me) but it feels good for me to eat this way! Let us know how things are going. You can totally do this!!

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