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The good side of craving dreams


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I'm on day 8 here.

The night before last, I dreamed I caved and ate . . . rice. Not nachos. Not donuts. Rice. This made me chuckle after awakening since I didn't even like rice a few months ago.

I felt so guilty. I can't remember ever feeling guilt in a dream before. Lots of other things, sure, but not guilt. This portion of my dream featured guilt, disappointment, chagrin, determination to start over and do it right, you name it.

And then I woke up. It was all a dream. Suh-weet!

Evening came and my SO asked me to put on some rice while he drove home. I did, and my word, was it hard to not give in to temptation as its smell grew more and more powerful throughout the house. Until, that is, I remembered my dream, which reminded me: The goodness in a bite or ten of rice (or, heck, cake, or ice cream) is not worth the kind of payoff I experienced in my dream, or derailing my own goals for myself.

The dream helped me put the pros and cons in perspective. The pro? A moment's worth of tasty delight. The cons? Everything mentioned above.

So I said "no," and felt even better for having done so. :)

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