Starting July 9, 2012

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I am new to the Whole30 program, and am making my way through "It Starts With Food" (so many of my favorite Paleo bloggers recommended it when I saw it was available for Kindle I had to get it.) I listened to the Underground Wellness show last week with Dallas and Melissa and was super excited when they answered my question about Whole30 appropriate fuel for running (baby food, would'a thunk it!).

I was thinking I would start my Whole30 on July 1st, but reconsidered. My mom is visiting me in my new hometown of New Orleans tomorrow and will be here for a week at least. I know she will want to go out for beignets at least once, and probably one or two other things that are not Whole30 approved, and as I have not been able to afford those yet, I will take advantage of her generosity. I start my first teaching position this month. Professional Development (all that stuff teachers have to do in the summer) starts July 9th, and school start July 23. I think that starting my Whole30 July 9 will mean I am over most of the nasty mood, energy lulls, and the worst of the cravings, and will be able to begin the school year with high energy.

I am excited, and a little nervous about giving up the heavy cream in my coffee. My other dairy loves (cottage cheese on salads, Swiss cheese over eggs) will be difficult too, but I can live with out those. My heavy cream will be hard. I will have to try black coffee, or find a way to get used to coconut milk in my coffee.

I am excited for this process, I feel like it is part of the changes / transformation I have been slowly making over the last few years. I do have 80-100lbs of body fat to lose - not really sure where my weight would look good and shake out in the end, I am mainly aiming for under 200lbs, and that is a 60lb loss, but I want to be able to run marathons, do pull ups, and feel good in my own body. My weight is sort of secondary after that.

Thanks to anyone who stuck it out through my first post!


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Um, okay - thanks Snicci, now I want s'mores! :) We will definitely have to keep in touch and do our 30 "together". I am excited to get started and I know that it will help me lock down the way I want to eat for the rest of my life, but I am certainly taking advantage of my "lag time" before I start. Some meal planning, some snacky eating - I am making chocolates tonight (almost totally paleo - unsweetened chocolate, coconut oil and a tiny bit of sugar free hazelnut coffee syrup) and dipping strawberries and oranges in the chocolate :) Getting my "fix" before I kick it to the curb. Chocolate is definitely a trigger food for me, so it is something I cannot even have around if I am not eating sugar.

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