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Lexington, KY


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If you live in Lexington, KY, near there, or are just passing through, locate the Good Foods Co-op (http://www.goodfoods.coop/) ASAP! I go to Lexington about once a month and I just now remembered to go there to check out their goodies! I stocked up on lots of meats to help get m through the next month, even though I have plenty in my freezer! :D ). Their grass-fed meats and organic, local pork, bison, and chicken options were huge! I loved that a lot of it is from local farms too! I bought grass-fed beef bones to make bone broth and it was $4.99/lb with a $.75 off coupon. I couldn't find sugar-free bacon though. :( I did find beef heart ($2.49/lb) though for my next adventurous meal! My most exciting find was a 2-lb log of Amish pasturized butter for $8.99! I :wub: ghee so I was very excited!

Seriously, check this place out and support a great local community! I know I will every month! B)

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