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Day one :) Starting with 9 yr old daughter who has serious sugar dragons to be slain :)


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Starting Whole 30 today, July 2

I'm starting this with my sweet 9 yr old daughter who has a serious sugar addiction. I am her Mama so of course I feel responsible... but no looking back!

She is 9 and suffers from headaches at times...also skin issues and just a lack of energy. I have the sugar dragon thing also and have suffered migraines now for most of my adult life. Recently after entering the land of 40 something my monthly cycle has been changing and my skin is acting like I'm in the 7th grade. I have always struggled with depression and labled it as " just something I have in my genetic make-up". After reading this book I think I've been eating my way into that lie. So I am ready to change things ...now!

This. has. to. stop. now.

I love the tough love approch in this book!

Her dad and I are divorced since she was just a baby so my goal here is to change only what I can change and hope that she will feel the changes ( with my help in pointing them out adn our documenting this as we go ) and will then want to keep it up when at her dads.

I've learned that trying to "control" what happens when shes not with me is not a good state of denial to live in. So Im gonna try and practice what I preach and just live it.

My sweet girl is homeschooled so we are turning this into a "school" thing for the summer! We will be documenting our progress with photos and other creative things... I want to make this as fun and exciting as I can for her.

I wish that I had this much information growing up.. especially heading into puberty.

So... here we go!

Melissa and her sweet girl :)

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Hi, Melissa,

I started the Whole30 yesterday, hoping that at least my 13-yo will want to join me at some point. She has had a year of major digestive issues (small intestine bacterial overgrowth, eosiniphilic enteritis) that none of the usual prescription meds have touched, much to the bewilderment of her gastroenterologist. I think that giving up grains, dairy and sugar would be so good for her!

We are also a homeschooling family, and besides my daughter, I have 3 sons, 11, 8 and 6...all sugar and carb fiends :-(

Good luck to you and your daughter!


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Melissa and Lisa,

Another homeschooler (though not really structured at all) here. I started today and I will be implementing most of the Whole30 for my 6yo daughter as well. I didn't think she had much of an issue with sugar until we starting following the Whole30 (though loosely) last week.


Course, it's really hard for her though because all she asks for is fruit. Anytime she is hungry, fruit is the first things she asks for. For a little while, I was getting a lot of angry looks from her Da when I would tell her "no" to fruit. Finally he read the chapter on sugar and cut me some slack.

So, for now we limit her to 3 small servings a day. She eats them before she eats her main meals, otherwise she "saves room" for the fruit and then is hungry 20 minutes later.

Good luck with your Whole30's!

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