Day 34 and want to lose weight


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OK, so I have completed 30+ days and feel much better. Better energy, little to no cravings and a modest weight loss this month. I feel so much better that I want to continue on, now, with a focus to drop another 10 pounds in a couple months. Still keeping 99% of the whole 30 principles-biggest thing is a couple of sugarfree gum pieces.

Now, I want to focus on weight loss. I typically have 2 pieces of fruit a day(apple and banana) as I workout some days up to 3 hours(long distance triathlons). I have a sweet potato about 3-4 x a week during long efforts. A handful of nuts 2-3 times a week again at long efforts.

I am 54, post menopausal, so it is tough to drop weight. This past month, I have lost about 7 pounds which is great. It has slowed down a bit(I typically weigh 2xweekly) and I would like to drop about 5 pounds a month which is still modest.

Any suggestions?



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Trying to manage weight loss never worked for me. What worked was just doing the right thing over and over again and finding that when I did, I lost about 2 pounds per month for 15 months and then stopped losing.

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I agree with Tom. I've heard about so many people who only lost the weight the wanted after they stopped thinking about it too much. My experience has been similar. 'Doing the right thing' for me means (1) no nuts or nut butters in the house, because I will overeat them; (2) no delicious frozen mangos and cherries in the house, because I will eat them every day and my goal is to only have fruit 2-3 times a week at most; (3) keep protein towards the lower end of the template (one palm vs two); and (4) stop eating when I'm full...this should be easy, but I'm still struggling with it sometimes (some of my food is just too darn good!). When I follow those rules I lose weight at about the same rate as Tom. I don't even worry about how much fat I'm eating or how many sweet just works.

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