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Questions in Week 4 of Whole30


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Hi Everyone,

I've been reading posts and comments throughout my foray into the Whole30 experience. Thank you!

I think overall I've been pretty successful. First and foremost, the Whole30 has renewed my love for creating in the kitchen. I really don't think it takes all that long to cook from scratch. Note: I rarely used a can opener even before jumping on the bandwagon.

Second, while not entirely defeated, the urge for diet soda is waning. Water and herbal tea do not replace the sublime fizziness of pop but it hasn't touched my lips since starting on this adventure.

My "tennis elbow" is better but not best yet and my aching knee seems to be worse. I have stayed on course with a couple of mistakes under my belt:

  • week one I wasn't making my own almond milk. Oops.
  • I had a couple of tic tacs. I couldn't stand the thought of meeting clients with bad breath.
  • I didn't dig deep enough when I cooked up some bacon 2x over the last 3 weeks. Although the nutritional chart says 0% sugars, the bugger is in the list of ingredients.
  • I licked my finger with a drop of cream that fell from the cappuccino I was handing over to my husband

Please Whole30, forgive me for my sins. More importantly, can someone tell me if I can forgive myself? Despite the fact I've been pretty clean and haven't really messed up too much, do I have to go back to Day 1 for these transgressions? Do I get any extra points for eating fresh fruit rather than a luscious birthday cake on the day I turned the big 53?

I promised a girlfriend that we would celebrate on day 31 with a caveman margarita. Can that still be on Sunday or do I have to push it back to 30 days sans tic tac, bacon and making love filled cafe au laits for my man?

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