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After reading the book last week, I decided to start the Whole30 yesterday. I have been eating Weston A. Price-style for the most part for a couple of years. I am 46, and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis about 4 years ago. I am hoping that really committing to a better way of eating and living will help eliminate some of the fatigue, joint pain, and well, fat, that has been accumulating in recent years!

Day 1 went pretty well...our vegetable garden is in full-swing, and we have a freezer full of pastured grass-fed beef, and several dozen pastured eggs. I am still drinking coffee, but it is far less enjoyable without the big dollop of raw cream I usually put in it, so this morning I just had a cup of black, and hopefully that will be enough to stave off a caffeine-withdrawal headache!

Looking forward to sharing the journey,


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