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Dennis from Mass Whole30 Food Program day 1 take 2!

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Hi guys!

How's it going? I've been on the "less bad" diet as im sure most of you had and have been an inspiring marathon runner. I ran one once in 2008. I've got less than 3 months to train for this one. I had a good 30 mile a week plan going but I've been struggling to try and do 40 and lately barely 10. Ive been trying to do more than one longish run a week and I think that maybe zapping my energy too much.


I've also seemed to have known/discovered health problems since 18 or 19. I figured like most americans, I'd do what were supposed to do and put our health in the form of a doctor and let them decide my fate. Anyways my symptoms that I had been dealing with is/was anxiety, lack of energy, poor mental focus, "laziness" as it may be coined, lots of stomach discomfort, too much acid production fro my stomach, lactose intolerance, constipation, headaches, allergies, sexual (premature ejac) and not much quality lung capacity, muscle aches..

The Other Whole 9:

This is where the whole 9 comes into play. No not the whole9 that this website is based on. The whole nine yards of tests that the doctor gave me is what I mean and gastroenterologist. Blood tests, stool tests, ekg, chalk test, colonoscopy, and on and on and on with no specific diagnosis other than its stress related. Here take this anti-depressant and go to talk therapy. I go to talk therapy for a couple sessions and the psychologist is like I see reason for you to keep coming back here. you seem to have a good head on your shoulder. i still take an anti-depressant but it really doesnt solve my issues. I do believe some combination of anxiety (defintinitely) and possibly depression (they're related anyways). Like the book says, just because you have certain dispositions to certain things based on genes, you can turn them on or off. I choose to turn them off the right combination of foods.

Im tired of making excuses for not having energy or being a positive person. My career has never taken off of the ground. Im always late to everything. I think its just that mental fog and not being able to wake up early enough to get places. Deep down inside I've been a really positive person and energy entusiast, I just have not had the right tools to bud into the great person I think I'm meant to be.. I read the whole30 book and used the resources to help me shop. These are the right tools

My stomach and medicines I take:

I may have run in a tagent but thats ok. Anyways, I take prilosec otc that helps the acid build up I get (I do not get heartburn),, and my test came back positive for lactose intolerant. I have been taking lactaid for when I choose to mess with dairy. I take a generic form of zoloft for depression/anxiety. It seems to help somewhat but my life is not to where it should be and I take the maximum dosage allowed for this medicine. Im still not where I should be at. I also have no real reason to be depressed. If you look at my life, I do have many reasons to be depressed because my life has sucked but theres been no outside obvious environmental factor that has set me back. (Other than dr and general food industry sucking). I always want to move forward and change myself around, but I find it too difficult. I read the book it starts with food, and I think food is the way back on track to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

So I decided to start yesterday even though I hadnt finished reading the book. I ate eggs and tomatoes and spinach for my first meal. Then I read the part about people with sensitive stomachs to also avoid all dairy, nightshades, eggs, and nuts until you can add them back in one at a time and see which if any bother you.

I had some squash and steak and green beans for lunch but at dinner I was starving and realized I didnt have any much whole30 food around the house and my dad offered to pick up mcd's. I shamed myself and went with the grilled chicken breast without mayo, the bun is obviously the worst most obvious part, and I shamely ate it lol. And I suspect theres some kind of grain or soy filler garbage in there. I think I might have read it. Then I decided to eat ice cream. And ow my stomach hurt so damn bad. LOL

Following the meal plan and adjusting to how much you need is important. I chose as many year round fruits and veggies that were on the green highlighted (extra nutritious) as I could find as well as the seasonal green highlighted ones and picked a few non extra nutritious ones from the year round and in season list that are personal favorites.

My first meal of day 1 take 2 was at 12 pm (because I was out buying whole30 approved foods except for eggs nightshades and nuts. I'm not a big fancy pants person when it comes to cooking. Probably because im just dont have the enrgy or my stomach is bothering me to not have the energy to cook food. I may become a paleo chef over time as my my mind as stomach and energy levels smile and my food sensiivites that are harmful to me go byebye.

Anyways, my first meal of my new chapter of my life consisted of one palm of grass fed beef cooked in olive oil along with a fair amount of chopped onions, 1/2 an avocado, a small handful of raspberries, half a small can of olives, and a small handful of raw baby carrots. It was actually quite delicious. My stomach is bothering me right now. I dont know why other than stuffing my plate too much. Ill just eat a slightly smaller meal for dinner


Dennis from Massachusetts

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Dennis - firstly, welcome. Secondly, wow - that's a lot of info and great background. In short they don't call it "It Starts With Food" for nothing. They and we truly believe so many things start with food, including issues with depression, motivation, energy, etc. I follow the whole30 just about 95% of the time until last month where I totally fell off the wagon due to a lot of work travel and moving and blah blah blah. In a matter of 3 weeks I was anxious and depressed, failing at my job, running late everyday because I didn't want to leave the house. Everyone's experience will differ but for me in less than 2 weeks back on the program, I feel better again and realize yet again how much food effects me. I'm really glad you're giving this a go and hope you have amazing results.

As for your stomach bothering you after that first meal, that's ok. Most people starting a whole30 have some serious healing to do and that takes time. The 30 days is meant to help give you time to change your habits but also because your body needs time to heal and get things in order. Just stay with the program and hopefully the stomach issues will resolve in a week or two. Good luck.

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so last night i couldnt sleep at all until 3am. which is weird for me. my grain diet would knock me out in no time. they must be harvesting processed food with fortified melatonin. lol. day 2 ive eaten my first meal except for finishing my coconut milk which im enjoying slowly while I type. I noticed even yesterday I could think and communicate better than I have before. So far with the combinaton of food types colors varities and textures i have not been bored with this way of eating yet. So far so good. High five!

I just dont know what to do with the rest of the day. I had a three jobs not too long ago. I had to leave one as it was a conflict to another. Another was taken over by the store I worked in which I refuse to work directly for because I have before and I was bored to death at present. And the third one, I was an independant sales contractor, in which all the schedule work I had coming up was cancelled and will be scheduled at another date TBC. FML!!! But cheers to good health!!!

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PS, The official start of my Whole 30 is July 2nd. Also in about a week or more I will be going to a music festival in NY where I will be away from my fridge. Any recommended tips on what I should bring to eat ? Well I could just get a dummy proof hand can opener for my coconut milk. idk about being without my usual bringing of tasty canned beer. *Sigh* Ill have a cooler which I will fill with my vitacoco coconut water and jugs of plain h20 and I will get fresh ice daily.

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