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Itching & rash

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Has anyone experienced any skin issues in the first several days of W30? I'm thinking perhaps as a withdrawal symptom from one aspect of the SAD. I'm getting raised bumps, that at first I thought were bug bites after spending some time outside... Then I thought maybe an allergic reaction to either avocados or tuna. Its now been a couple days since last having tuna and I last had avo yesterday morning. They don't seem to be improving, and now the spots have gotten some red inflamed areas around them. Its not huge, its not covering a large amount of skin, and it doesn't seem to be spreading. Its mostly on my arms and a couple itchy spots on my legs.

So, I was just wondering if anyone had experienced some sort of skin reaction from cutting out particular dietary elements for their W30? I'll be going to see a doctor in the next couple days if its still not improving.

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