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21 day re-calibration

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I am well and truly committed to paleo eating now after a whole 30 and a whole100 and have slayed my sugar dragon and identified my trigger foods. I have had a bit of a messed up week after abdominal surgery on Monday, anaesthetics always affect me, and I have had some of my trigger foods plus I haven't been able to do my usual activity.

So I am going to log my progress for the next 21 days and make sure I get back to a balanced fat-adapted whole9 lifestyle. I won't be strictly whole30 as I will include bacon and maybe some fruit desserts. I am starting off coconut, coffee, and nut free and I want to keep an eye on my carb levels too.

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Day 1

Disturbed sleep with lots of dreams

Went for a proper(slow still of course) walk at 5am then back to bed for an hour

M1 eggs, bacon, tomato and spinach cooked in ghee, yum!

3 km walk to my sons football

M2 steak, salad, olives

M3 egg, soup, pine nuts, cocoa, blueberries

M4 chicken casserole, tapioca fruit, chocolate

Not a perfect start but it is Mother's Day so onward and upward

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Day 2

Was raining at walking time but got up later and went for a walk .... Feeing very chunky at the moment

Breakfast was some left over mince, soup and cooked veg plus an extra spoon of ghee

Lunch was a beef burger with salad.

Meal 3 was raw carrot, boiled egg, pine nuts, soup and a couple of dried apricots

Which leaves dinner, more salad, pork chops, cucumber mango salsa and some watermelon plus blueberry eggs,

Cooked up some sweet potatoes, apples, beans and broccoli in the pork rinds or breakfast, yum

Off and racing Shelley, don't forget to drink lots... Maybe you could make a pot of soup too?

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I have a huge pot of chicken soup! It's going to be dinner.

Lunch: 2 egg muffins filled with peppers and onion and a curried salmon salad with mango, zucchini and red onion and some strawberries.

Feel so much better.

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First day back at work.... Managed to go for a walk at lunchtime, back feels very tired as my stomach muscles don't want to support me properly yet! Wish I had some chicken soup... Having leftover chicken casserole for breakfast... That might be close enough... Using up some freezer reserves and bits and pieces at the moment....

The book ISWF arrived tonight! Hardcover.....

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I have ISWF. I am interested to hear what you think about the book. Personally, all I need is to see my own very major improvements by adopting the lifestyle. I don't need all the science that's in the book. Having said that, I am going to get out mine and review!

Don't push too hard. It was surgery! You need to recover.

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Wish I could send you the soup. Do you have a slow cooker? It takes 2 minutes to throw in the chicken and vegetables and water. Here is what I also learned from this site. 1. I keep frozen veggie scraps and herbs in the freezer (not onion) and then I just throw them in the crockpot with fresh onion. 2. I can get 2 pots of soup from a chicken. The first one I described and the second one by returning the bones to the crockpot with veggies and water.

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Day 3 feeling much better today

Went for a walk

Had pork rinds, sweet potato, broccoli, beans, eggs and apple for breakfast (Jess inspired, haven't had a hash for awhile...)

Made a big salad with a beef burger for lunch.... Still drinking cocoa, hope its not gluten cross reactive.... Must really try a week without it but not this week....

Went for a brisk walk on a work break, feeling much more mobile

Dinner was salmon, zucchini, beans, pumpkin and sweet potato plus pine nuts, raspberries and an egg

I have a cast iron slow cooker, haven't used it to cook soup in the oven before for some reason... Next time I have bones!

Put some coconut oil on my cuts... Nearly healed and want soft scars if possible!

Have a good day all!

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Yesterday: breakfast : 2 egg muffins

Lunch: salad with chicken and hard boiled egg

Dinner: steak and green beans.

Still feel a little nauseous today. Tired.

But it's amazing what I take for granted now-- no more getting up at night with hot flashes (although I do get up), no need to drink, no need to get on a scale. Good stuff.

How are you today?

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Day 4

Went for an early walk in soft rain, in preparation for a 2 day workshop! Feeling so much happier, it's amazing what good food and sleep can do!

M1 chicken casserole and a slice of watermelon

M2 tuna avocado salad

M3 egg, soup, a few cashews

M4 whitefish, veges, cantaloupe

Hope you get a good night sleep tonight Shelley

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I'm project managing a business "breakthrough" team 3 days a week for about 6 weeks. This was our third get together, one more next week then a week to pull it all together and present the findings. I'm hoping the higher profile will help me get a new job but its hard work, hard to tell how it's going too but at least it's paying the bills.

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What is a business breakthrough team-- what kind of business (politely asks that not for profit exec and fundraiser!).

M1: 2 egg muffins ( I made a lot of these last Sunday!)

M2: 2 Tb vegetable curry, 4 figs (terrible lunch but in a breakdown)

M3: meatballs, tomato sauce and spaghetti squash. Salad with tomatoes, hearts of palm and cucumbers and onion.

M4: 1 Tb Ben and Jerry's heath bar crunch crunch ice cream ( my husbands favorite and I was serving him) A true confession and I'm really sorry for letting you down. but also a breakthrough. I did NOT eat the whole pint! Even though I was in major breakdown. And I did not even want the whole pint. No craving after. Maybe I am breaking this addiction.

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Yay day 6, another good sleep and another missed walk due to the rain but got a lunchtime walk in luckily.

M1 pork mince and bacon plus a squash stuffed with fruit, and some tomato juice

M2 beef burger and a large salad with pine nuts

M3 pumpkin soup, steak, sd tomatoes and fruit plus some cashews, cocoa and an egg dessert with blueberries

One of my incisions is septic due to an undissolved stitch... Was able to remove it and treat with betadine... Hope it's better in the morning, it's been bothering me all day :(

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Day 7, woke up exhausted today

M1 orange, pork mince and vegies, cocoa

M2 soup and beef burger

M3 pork and roast veges, chocolate and fruit.. Too much!

My stomach hurts in the middle but it is localised and doesn't seem to be getting worse, had a very quiet day today

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