Ranch Dressing

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I am not a big mayonnaise fan, so the creamy dressings with a mayo base haven't really worked for me. BUT, thanks to the power of the Google, I ran across this ranch dressing recipe (using coconut milk), and it's really, really good. My son thinks it's a little heavy on the dill, so I'll probably ease back on that next time, and try it with fresh herbs instead of dried, but this is the best "ranch" dressing I've had since I stopped eating the real thing.



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I've made both of these recipes and the latter is FAR closer to traditional ranch in my opinion. I was feeling festive tonight so I added some chili powder and lime juice. AMAZING! It would be sooo good on some pulled chicked/pork/beef with a cliantro, green onion and tomato salsa. Whole30 drool.

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