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Making it Stick: Whole30 part 2


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Whole 30 round two starts now!

Much like my first whole30 I am just going to jump into this one and make the commitment that this is happening and it's going to work.

When I did this back in March I lost 15 lbs, an immediate effect of the wh30, a not so immediate effect but a more important one for me is that it also rebooted my hormones and for the first time in a long time I think that my husband and I can start to seriously try to have our first baby because I seem to be having a regular cycle now.

I'm committing to doing another wh30 today because I want to continue with the gains I saw in March that kind of leveled off in April. I have my yearly physical in June and I would really like to see myself in a healthier place than I was and for my very Russian doctor not to level her very Russian disapproval my way.

So here's are my goals for this round:

Strength train 3x a week and do some form of cardio 3-5tx a week

Follow the portion template! I was really poor about this last time around

Drink 64 oz+ of water a day

Actually eat appropriate pre and post w/o meals.

1 2 3 go!

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