W30Virgo Round 2 January 2019

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Day 37

So, this weekend went kind of off the rails. On Friday, I had two beers, two glasses of wine, and a cocktail. At dinner, we had pasta and bread - delicious. I was a little hungover on Saturday - it took me some time to get motivated to start my day. I think maybe the beers/gluten is to blame. In the future, I won't drink as much when going out to dinner.

On Saturday, I don't really remember what I had for breakfast to be honest. We went to spend time with my boyfriend's friends and went out to lunch. I had two beers and a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese. I felt fine after this. We went out later, I had a vodka martini, two beers with dinner, and a ribeye sandwich. I definitely experience the "making poor food choices after drinking" thing that night. The sandwich was not really worth it, at all.

Sunday, I was definitely hungover. I ate more noncompliant food, and went to bed early. Again, this was not really fun, and not really worth it for me. Yesterday, I ate mostly compliant, and prepped some food for the week.

Next weekend, I'm going to try and stay compliant Friday night. Saturday, I know I have beer fest. We're planning a brunch before, where I will be making some compliant/Paleo items - a roasted butternut squash & arugula salad and chai spiced "n'oatmeal" cups for a sweet. I'm going to try to return to compliant foods on Sunday, to get myself back to feeling my best more quickly. We'll see how that goes.

One big change I notice from eating more noncompliant foods is a major increase in anxiety, and a lack of motivation. It's taking me a lot more than usual this morning to get my yoga in and go for my walk, which is less than ideal.

Working on getting back to a baseline today. I made an eggless breakfast skillet yesterday for breakfast, and ate the leftovers this morning. For lunch, I'm having dill sauerkraut deviled eggs with a veggie of some kind. Then, for dinner, I'm making salad with a vinaigrette and butternut squash soup. It's good to be getting back to normal.

I have noticed that, even though I'm buying mostly Whole30 groceries, my spending has been reined in a lot over the past couple of weeks. This week, I went overboard with spending on going out, so I'll likely have to think about where a realistic budget for eating out/alcohol will be - I may separate it into two categories. Next weekend, I'm planning to keep things low-key, and do some more formal introductions, with just drinking wine, that I know doesn't produce negative effects in small quantities for me.


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Day 39

I'm back to feeling more normal after returning to Whole30-ish eating. My regular appetite is back, I just finished my yoga, and I made a normal Whole30 dinner last night. So, that is all around great. Just wanted to check in with myself, as a reminder that this way of eating does make a real difference for my mental and physical health.


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Day 40

Another reminder that Whole30-ish eating is the best way for me. Last night, for a quick dinner after grocery shopping, we grabbed a frozen pizza. Bad idea - I felt extremely bloated, indigestion, and this morning I was in a much worse mood than usual. Usually mornings are the high point of my day, but not today.

I had sous vide egg bites from Starbucks for breakfast, in a rush this morning. I actually haven't noted any negative feelings from these, even though I know they contain cottage cheese. I wonder why that is. Maybe a small amount of dairy doesn't affect as much, just dairy heavy meals. The experiment continues!


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