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  1. Shook up the breakfast menu.....sausage, asparagus, roasted sweet potato and coffee with almond milk. Sweet potato was yummy. Lunch was protein salad made with tuna. Dinner is steak, baked potato and salad. Going to try my hand at a salad dressing and maybe some clarified butter. I have not loved the ghee as the brand I bought seems to have an off taste/smell. Probably just me. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Gotta' change my breakfast. Scrambled eggs, spaghetti squash, ghee, cantelope, coffee with almond milk. Lunch will be chicken protein salad. Dinner is flounder on a bed of spinach with roasted red pepper and asparagus. Slept good last night. Soaking in lavender epson salts might be the ticket. Still a little sluggish but all in all things are good. Hope everyone has a great day and a compliant Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Kelli, don't let it throw you. You need to find how it can work for you. As I said before, it has to be hard for those who work and have a family. Wish I had some shortcuts for you but it's all new to me too. Keep on plugging! Dreamed I ate brownies last night. Thank goodness it was a dream. Scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and strawberries with my coffee and almond milk for breakfast. Protein salad for lunch. I bought mejool dates at the store this morning. I ate one and put them away. They could be a trigger so I think I'll leave them alone for now. I had a deviled egg for my pre workout snack. I hit the wall last week at Pilates so decided to try a snack. It was better. Dinner was spaghetti squash, pesto and shrimp. I've had more energy today so I'm counting on things being better. Thankfully, no Memorial Day plans.
  4. Tough night. Air conditioner not working when I went to bed . Woke up around midnight hungry and thinking what all I had to do today. Started some deep breathing exercises knowing that eating was not going to repair the air conditioner. Added more fat to my meals today and drank extra water. Scrambled eggs with ghee, avocado and applesauce with my coffee and almond milk for breakfast. Protein salad with chicken, celery, apple and homemade mayonnaise in a whole yellow bell pepper for lunch. Salmon, cauliflower and baked sweet potato with ghee for dinner. Air conditioner has been repaired and yard work done and another good day on whole 30. Hang tough everyone. We can do it!
  5. Menu pretty much the same as yesterday with the exception of some mashed cauliflower for dinner....trying to clean out the refrigerator. Sipping mint tea now and thinking about an early bedtime. My brain keeps telling me to munch or graze. Trying something new tomorrow. Some spaghetti squash with pesto and maybe some shrimp might be good to change things up. I have chicken and celery chopped to mix my protein salad. May serve it in a yellow bell pepper to change up the lettuce. I've been hungry today and think I may not have had enough fat at lunch and dinner. Amazes me what a difference it makes. Hope everyone has had a good day.
  6. Today was my hard day. I had a morning meeting that was followed by a catered luncheon. I did not plan on eating but still had a peek at the food as it was being served. Needless to say I got myself out of there in a hurry. Then this afternoon a friend dropped by with homemade brownies. I told my husband they had to remain in the refrigerator on the porch while watching him devour THREE before getting them out of sight. Nothing spectacular on the menu today. Scrambled egg breakfast with my coffee and almond milk. A large salad with chicken and ranch dressing and a clementine for lunch. Shepherd Pie and butternut squash soup for dinner. I'll have a cup of tea later. I have to keep telling myself I'm not hungry (I am really not). For some reason I just feel the urge to munch. May be the weather as it is either cloudy or raining. Probably will be an early to bed night!
  7. Went to bed early last night after my cup of mint tea. For some reason I was hungry. Today has been better. Kitchen sink eggs for breakfast. A little of everything in it. Salad with chicken and ranch dressing . Banana and coffee with almond milk for breakfast too. I tried the shepherd pie recipe for dinner. Recipe made a lot so I guess I'll be eating it for a couple of days. I cooked some chicken breast so I would have the broth for soup and make the protein salad with the chicken. I could not find any broth in my grocery store that didn't contain sugar. It's amazing to me the things that contain sugar. No wonder I have a sugar addiction!
  8. My charlie horse cramps began on Tuesday night. So bad they woke me up out of a sound sleep and my calves are still sore. I started to drink more water. No problem the last two nights. Breakfast this morning was two eggs fried in ghee over a bed of cauliflower rice and butternut squash soup. I almost didn't mind my husband eating SIX biscuits buttered with homemade peach preserves! I'm going to finish up the chicken meatballs and spaghetti squash for lunch. Dinner will be scallops with blueberry sauce but haven't decided on the vegetables yet. Thankfully I am retired, have time to cook and like to cook. You working folks hang in there. You can do it!
  9. The butternut squash soup is delicious. I used the frozen squash so didn't have to deal with the peeling and chopping so it went together pretty quick. Leftover grilled coconut curry chicken, roasted potatoes (yum) and green beans. Getting tired of chicken so thinking about scallops or shrimp tomorrow. Lots of good recipes in the book. I've made a list of the ones I especially want to try.
  10. TodayThanks Erika for the coffee tip. May give it a try as I've been using the almond milk. Dreamed last night I was eating ice cream. Crazy brain! My breakfast was leftover meatballs, spaghetti squash with ghee, banana and my coffee with almond milk. Husband thinks I've lost it! Haven't decided about the other meals. I have leftover chicken and may make some butternut squash soup. Morning started slow but after breakfast I made my 2.5 mile walk and am feeling pretty good. Has everyone got their plan in place for the weekend? That's when I tend to go overboard with the junk. Hang tough.
  11. Today has been kind of up and down. I got up slow moving, ate breakfast and got a lot done until around 11:00 a.m. then had another slump. Haven't had the major headache yet that I have been expecting. Allison, I know what you mean about grocery shopping. I think I have everything but then realize I'm missing one ingredient. I added a fried egg in ghee to the spinach frittata this morning. It did the trick as I did not have that 10:30 hunger attack. I had a big salad with grilled chicken with the whole 30 ranch dressing for lunch. I made the chicken meatballs recipe but used ground pork instead of the chicken thighs for dinner. Very flavorable. I find the seasoning right on with all the recipes I've tried. Added spaghetti squash with ghee, green beans and cantelope to the meal. All in all I'm pretty satisfied. I went through the recipes again today and made a list of 10 that I want to try. I'll have to admit it's a lot of cooking but good food. Not only are there food commercials on tv but I can't even get on facebook without seeing more food and recipes. I'm just scrolling thorough. Did pilates this evening and I left hot and sweaty....unusual for me. Hormones adjusting I guess.
  12. Thanks goodness for this forum. I really am not losing my mind! I've woke up the last two nights HOT and sweaty. This morning I had leftover spinach frittata and cantelope. No added fat which now explains why I was hungry at 10:30. Ate a hard boiled egg with a little of my homemade ranch dressing. I knew I had a busy day with a 2 hour appointment at 12:00. So I had my lara bar and a few walnuts/almonds....no fat. I had a packet of almond butter but was not sure about the palm oil so passed on eating it. Home at 3:00. Large salad with chicken and ranch dressing. Dinner was leftover grilled coconut curry chicken, green beans, cauliflower with some added beets. I've felt relatively good today. Not as tired as yesterday. Walked 2 miles. All in all a good day.
  13. I highly recommend the grilled coconut chicken curry. Had it tonight for dinner and husband even liked it. Had leftover green beans and being I was running short on time I put the Green Giant Riced cauliflower in the microwave - 6 minutes and followed the recipe on the bag for lemon pepper riced cauliflower. I was really tired earlier in the day but seem to have caught my second wind. Right now I'm pretty satisfied and hoping to get beyond that bedtime snack hurdle. I'll make some decaf tea and go to bed early if need be. Lots of leftovers in the refrigerator so tomorrow should be a little easier with the meal preparation.
  14. Spinach fritta for breakfast with avocado and blueberries. I also had coffee with almond milk. Leftover protein salad on a bed of lettuce for lunch. Pilates at noon and I'm really tired. Know I use sugar too often as a pick me up. No headache yet so for that I am thankful. Dinner is coconut curry chicken with leftover green beans and another vegetable .... Don't know yet what.
  15. Kitchen is officially closed for the day. I guess that means no bedtime snack?? (kidding) Slight headache this afternoon but after I walked 2.5 miles and ate dinner it eased up. I know the major headache is coming with the sugar withdrawal. I've got my difuser going with a headache blend. Can't hurt. Plan on soaking in tub with epson salts and probably early to bed. I tend to be a grazer and 10:00 seems to be my time so will try to nip that habit early on. Haven't quite got my menu together for tomorrow but have leftover protein salad, green beans and boiled eggs in the refrigerator. I'm thinking I'll make the spinach frittata and the curried chicken breast looks good. Depends on how my time goes. I have pilates at noon and have promised to check on a friend that had minor surgery today. Hope everyone had a good day as we continue our journey.