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  1. Day 17 here and still feeling pretty good. I almost blew it yesterday with some sun dried tomatoes. I tossed some into a salad and then looked at the bag - sulfur dioxide to maintain color. That's one of the "off limits" foods. Some foods are so damn annoying! So back into the pantry they went until the program is over. I did a lot of prepping for the upcoming week and currently have a crockpot full of pork carnitas cooking away. I haven't tried yet, but it smells incredible. Will keep you posted! Thought the leftovers would be good over a roasted sweet potato. Here's the link... How is everyone else doing? Also, just curious is anyone has made cauliflower rice. Going to make some tomorrow and would love any insight. Thanks! Have a great week
  2. Hello, All! Day 16 for me and the Tiger Blood has finally kicked in! Sleeping great and inflammation seems to be almost completely gone. I have arthritis in my feet and a little in my fingers, and the swelling I used to have in the morning is gone. That alone has made this plan completely worth it! I am getting a little bored with the food, but have picked a few recipes to try this weekend. Yesterday's lunch was the worst, but compliant and checked all of the boxes...I just needed a break from cooking. Two hard boiled eggs, a stick of Chomps beef jerky, bell peppers strips and an apple with almond butter. Yum Sorry to hear that you had to restart annoying that nearly everything has added sugar. I bought canned tomatoes yesterday and couldn't believe there was sugar listed in the ingredient list. Good luck with your restart! @ShellyM, let us know how you like the Instant Pot! I have it on my "wish list" and might get as a reward for completely the entire Whole30...that and a pedicure, of course. I have a NSV to share. Like many woman, I have clothes in a few different sizes in my closet, so I decided to try on some jeans. I was able to pull on a couple pair that I couldn't get over my hips before I started this plan! I got them zipped, but I still have a little ways to go before I can wear them in public. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  3. I'm not liking that you "faffed"...guess that is Aussie for messed up , but like the fact that you're getting right back to it. Good Luck, @aussiegal!
  4. Hey, All! The hurricane is gone and happy to report I stayed 100% compliant! A huge NSV for me. Regarding Nutpods - I've been using the French Vanilla flavor and love it. It's not sweet and just takes the bitter edge off of black coffee. I ordered the pumpkin spice from Amazon today. I also ordered Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides...has anyone used this? Completely agree with @aussiegal about the precut coleslaw mix! I've been using that for lunch the past few days. A couple handfuls of coleslaw, shredded grilled chicken, a little diced mango, homemade mayo mixed with a little pineapple juice and toss all together. I also throw in a handful of cashews once in a while. So good! Hope everyone has a good week
  5. Thanks for this recipe! I have a bag of coleslaw mix in the fridge and all of the other ingredients, expect the pork, so I'll sub another protein. Hurricane Irma is just starting to hit here, so probably won't be able to check this board for a few days. I'm on Day 10 and feeling great! I was having dinner with my husband last night and he said, "You look different." I said, "Is that a compliment?" (Men ). He then said, "You look younger." Well holy crap...I'll take that compliment all day long, as I'm 51. Hoping I don't lose power for too long, so I can stay compliant, but obviously that problem pales in comparison to what others are going through. Think we might be spared the worst of it here in Jacksonville, but I'm still nervous. Fortunately, there is no wine or brownies in the house. Hang tight, everyone!
  6. Hello, All, Starting Day 8 and feeling good, but anxious. Glad you were able to get your mother to safety @ShellyM! I live in Jacksonville, FL and it looks like we are going to be hit by Irma as a Cat 2 hurricane. I'm actually more concerned about sticking to this plan than I am about my house! I've stocked up on everything I can think of and have plenty of meals prepared, but the thought of eating something comforting during this time has been tempting. I went to the beach this morning to get a nice sunrise picture, but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating. Focusing on how good I've done this past week and looking at this entire weekend as a challenge. If I can get through a hurricane and stay compliant, a dinner out with friends or family is nothing! Have a great Friday!
  7. Hello, All! Day 6 has gone pretty smoothly for me...hoping for some "tiger blood" tomorrow so I can resume my workouts! Today I made a batch of Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili (link below). I'm going to spoon over a baked sweet potato and top with some diced avocado. To get my extra veggies, I guess I'll have another salad How is everyone else doing today? Hope those who were struggling yesterday are feeling better and have a great day tomorrow.
  8. Stay strong @srdamore14! Sticking with the program while being sick is difficult, but very admirable! Once the cold passes you'll know the rest of the plan will be a breeze. Hope you feel better soon
  9. Oh, @MeghanC17, your post really touched me. I read it while in line at one of my many grocery store stops and it reminded me of my struggle in many ways. This is also my first W30 and I'm on Day 5. You can find great recipes on Pinterest and Instagram...just remember to set a timer if you're grilling anything As far as tips go, meal prep is really the key to success. It's so easy to fall off plan if there is nothing available to throw together quickly. Good luck!
  10. Hello, All, Finishing up Day 5 and feel pretty good. Didn't need a nap today, so that was a bonus. Sorry to hear about your weekend @alisonmae I hope the weather cooperates with you all! I'm in Florida and would gladly send you some of our rain! I spent the day driving around to different grocery stores to stock up on water and patience was truly tested, but I managed to not punch anyone. Just coming onto this board and seeing how some of you are struggling, but still keeping on the plan is really inspiring. Hang in there @hefreeman and @NoneOtherThanAmy! Someone mentioned a NSV, so I'll share one. Today, I was so proud of myself for grilling up 4 chicken breasts. I put them on the grill and then signed into Instagram to look for a recipe from the Whole30 board to go with it. Naturally, I ended up looking at numerous cat videos and other very important pictures. Fast forward 1 hour....OH, CRAP, MY CHICKEN! Normally, I would have thrown out the chicken, opened up a bottle of wine and asked my husband to pick up Panda Express, but tonight that thought never even entered my mind. I cut off the burnt parts, chopped up the rest and mixed it with the Basic Mayo and some lemon juice and made chicken salad instead. I roasted some broccoli and sweet potatoes and then tossed in a handful of cashews, too. I call this recipe A Big Hot Mess, but it wasn't too bad and it checked all of the food boxes needed. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!
  11. Well, crap! Of course the two that I bought were chocolatey. Good to know! I'll grab a couple of the blueberry bars on my next trip. Thanks, Snowflower!
  12. Hello, All! I'm on Day 5 and had a quick question. Went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a couple of RX Bars to keep in my purse and car, just in case of emergency. As far as I can tell they are compliant with the program. Can anyone confirm and if so, how are they? Thanks
  13. Thanks, Amy! I don't know if I can do 4 eggs , so I'll just add a turkey sausage patty to my 2 egg routine. Thanks for much for your answer!
  14. Hello, everyone! I'm on Day 3 and feeling good. The headaches are gone and energy is up so I'm really enthusiastic about this plan. I do have a question regarding fat at each meal. I feel like I'm eating too much and would like some advice. My typical breakfast has been 2 eggs scrambled with diced peppers, onions and spinach in a Tablespoon or 2 of clarified butter. Then I'll also have some berries and 1/2 a sliced avocado. It's a lot of food, but it holds me over until lunch perfectly. Should I be eating clarified butter and the avocado or just one of those? Thanks so much for your help and good luck to everyone!
  15. Excited and nervous to start my Whole30 tomorrow! Heading to the grocery store soon to stock up on the good stuff. Looking forward to the support of this group Good luck everyone!