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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    A couple of days ago I told a friend of mine that I was doing another W30. She was disappointed because she had wanted to ask me out to dinner and drinks with a couple of other friends. She was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything. We went out last night and it was totally fine. I had dinner earlier, so I wasn't hungry, and drinking juice and sparkling water wasn't bad. Did I want to grab a french fry off their plates? You betcha! But I realized that it wasn't because I was hungry, I was just doing it out of habit. That made things easier. I did miss having beer, a little bit. But it wasn't a problem. So what did I learn? That I eat a lot out of habit, especially mindless nibbling if things are right in front of me. And, I can totally be social without having to drink (and woke up without a hangover - bonus!) I've also realized how much socializing we do around alcohol and that I could totally cut back and still have a drink occasionally (after the reintroduction of course!)
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    GUYS!! I made Mel Joulwan's (from Well Fed) chocolate chili for dinner last night. OMG it was sooooo good! I had it over some W30 mashed potatoes. Yum!
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    This is day 4 for me. I've been really tired, but sleeping better already. The big thing I've noticed is that today my knees stopped hurting while walking up and down the stairs! I've also noticed that when I have to do something, instead of sitting on the couch trying to think of ways to get out of it, I just get up and do it! (Laundry, I'm talking to you!) Good luck today everyone!
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Last night for dinner we had the Mexican twice baked potatoes for dinner, and everyone loved them! Even my 2 kids, who can be quite picky, loved them. We are also loving the cider chipotle sausage. The tuna waldorf salad from Well Fed has also been great for my husband and I. Tonight for dinner we are having the chicken with caramelized pears and shallots, which sounds so good! Good luck today everyone!
  5. anyone starting Sept 11???

    I started my 3rd round today. I already feel a little better. My knees don't hurt as much and my stomach feels very calm. Hoping that I keep to the lessons I learn from this round.
  6. Starting Sept. 11

    Good luck, Stella! I'm starting my 3rd round on Sept 10. Here's to all the NSVs!