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  1. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I know you're trying to be helpful and guide me and that's the point of this forum but I feel annoyed and judged right now. I should be the one to decide whether or not I use an "emergency" food product or not, especially given that it's compliant. My sons well being came first yesterday and I don't need to explain that in detail. However, I did not realize that the epic bars aren't allowed. Why not? Can someone link the info for me? Is it ingredient reasons or spirit of the program reasons? Is it a rule that Melissa made up recently? i think today shall be my kill all the things day
  2. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Day 6! I had a busy busy day today - My house is in the process of selling, I counter offered this morning. Had a dentist appointment. And my son had an appointment with his cardiologist who is two hours away at the teaching hospital. I had to plan, plan, plan, since normally that would mean Starbucks, food carts and drive thrus. I made a quick trip to the fancy food store armed with a list of all the things I have been researching on Amazon and Thrive. Still need to compare prices, but I got some ghee, epic bars/rinds/bites, Rx bars, and two kinds of compliant coffee creamer! So excited to try everything! I also packed some fresh fruit for us and lots of water. (I cooked an actual meal for breakfast at home and again just now for dinner) Turns out the hospital has a coffee shop/snack shop that looks like a Whole Foods, my son was rolling his eyes and said it looked like entering the inside of my tote bag! lol so HE got food cart grub - a gyro and a coke. We do what we can do, right? Just have to teach our experiences and hope our families make good choices most of the time. I have to say, the maple sea salt Rx bar was AMAZING, like I can't believe it's ok to have. Feels like a treat. Epic pork bacon bar felt like dog food but I'll eat it anyway in these situations. Everything else is the same today, mood stable, sleep is normal for me, no aches or cravings. Tummy is still … not it's usual, but getting better, I think? I am dying to weigh myself but won't. It feels like my jeans are looser. My parents came over last night with a bottle of red wine and were fine and supportive that I didn't have any. It felt kind of rude since they brought it over to share, but it's family so they love me anyway. I may go out with friends this weekend and I just have to remember that true friends should treat me the same way. I've never had club soda in my life but I'm doing this thing! Bring on Day 7!
  3. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I have been trying to do that also. Helps to actually sit down and only be doing maybe ONE other thing, like reading or such. I have even set a timer to make myself sit instead of getting up to multitask!
  4. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I did see that one on the Thrive website and it looked like a good sub. I was just texting my friend who finished her Whole30 a week ago and was really my inspiration for doing this, she swears by Nutpods and got them at Whole Foods and later Amazon. I've seen Melissa talk them up on Insta so both of those sound like I'll have to try! Thanks so much!
  5. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Day 5 - I am obsessed with food. Food tastes SO good, everything I make, it's like I've never eaten before and it's the most satisfying thing to ever hit my mouth….except black coffee, that continues to be a disgusting ritual I do twice a day and is in fact in front of me right now. I have been really loving the process of food, of actually cooking and prepping and planning my meals, which is something I have been wanting to get into but it was always so much easier to eat toast or something from the hospital cafeteria. I have been researching local CSA programs and a local butcher who will prepare a monthly box of better quality meat for a flat rate and rotate the choices. Need to ask about compliant bacon though. I didn't have time to go to a specialty type grocery store yesterday and just hit up a conventional one for produce and protein - no sugar free bacon was to be had so, sad day. I looked on the Thrive Market site, so many yummy things I would love to try! Anyone else use them for paleo/Whole30 products? It would be nice to not have to go to a million stores a week for specific items that I need, but I didn't realize it is a yearly membership subscription. Wondering if the prices really are less than say, Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Symptoms to report (cuz it ain't all rainbows and ponies, we've established) : my farts could clear a room. And I'm saying that being the mother of a ten year old dog and two teenage boys. I feel like my digestion is sluggish in general, like even though I feel hungry every four hours or less, my insides feel heavy and full still. I'm not used to that and really don't like it. Just hoping it all works itself out. (literally, hahaha) Sorry, I'm a nurse, poop and farts are normal talking points. Other than that, I feel ok. My sleep is normally erratic from working 12hr nights and being a single mom, so I don't feel any more tired than I usually do. I haven't done any activity/exercise in two days but I probably could if I chose to. It occurred to me that I am so ok, what will I even care about reintroducing at the end of this? Mmmmm, I do miss my wine but not enough to go off the rails. I used to eat peanut butter literally every day, sometimes with a spoon straight from the jar, lol. Half and half and sugar in my french roast twice a day, oh, so much better than this. But as of this moment that might be about it, surprisingly. Looking forward to what the rest of this experiment will bring! Good work, everyone!!!
  6. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Day 4! My prevailing thought is, how can I be starving and full at the same time? hahaha I am seriously hungry every three or four hours but after I eat I feel so full, like it was too much. I am used to eating more of the six mini meals a day template, as opposed to the three that Melissa recommends. I know my body is just regulating itself, but it is funny. After a stressful night at the hospital with my son I was realllly wanting to stop at the corner store for a box of wine…..but prevailed and instead ate a compliant and mindful meal then slept for eleven hours! Wow! I do have a question for y'all: I used the search bar but there were too many results to sift through. What is the program's stance on Fitfit or other trackers? I have been wearing one for two years or so because it's a perk from my employer, we accrue points that translate into money for making our step goals and such. Also I just like gadgets and fitness goals/competition. Nothing wrong with that since it has nothing to do with food or weight, right? Thanks for any thoughts, and hey! Happy Day 4 everyone!
  7. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I roast absolutely everything! Put a single layer of vegetables on a foil lined cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil/coconut oil/ghee, sprinkle with fancy salt and experiment sprinkling with dried green herbs - thyme, basil, oregano are common tastes - and set oven on bake at 425 degrees until done! Different veges take different times, so start with 15min and check every ten to see if they're tender. OR if you have the Whole30 book there is a cheat sheet on page 167. It's literally the only way I eat vegetables because you can prep so much at one time and have them ready for multiple meals. Happy Day 4!
  8. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Hello, day one here too! It's my first, but I eat pretty well anyway and have the book already.....I will really miss alcohol though....that's going to be hard socially. I also am worried about having ENOUGH to eat, if I don't cook beforehand. I work full time, twelve hr night shifts at the hospital so that's a lot of food to pack. I need a cuter lunchbox! So I just prepped some protein and vegetables and feel great about it, breakfast was two eggs fried over roasted carrots and potatoes and black coffee. Sad little black coffee. Good luck y'all! Let's do this!