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    I'm 33, and have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 18. When I did my first Whole30 last February (was on no medication for my PCOS at the time) I followed it to the letter, was fanatically religious about checking labels for everything, and stayed 100% on plan. I didn't add any additional exercise to my relatively less-active lifestyle. But, I honestly never felt better in my life than I did during those (well, the second half of) 30 days. I lost 34 lbs. My skin cleared up, my sleep & energy improved, my anxiety & depression were almost non-existent and on day 28, a neighbor commented that even my horribly thin hair was looking fuller than she'd ever seen it. I wish I had stayed on it longer than just the 30 days to see if it helped regulated my periods. But I believe that for me, the key was cutting out the dairy, gluten/processed carbs, and the non-fermented soy products. And the sugar! Definitely cutting out all the sugar! Whole30 helped regulate my mood, my binge-eating, my cravings, and even helped me get over my cheese addiction. Now, it's a year later, and after a huge stressful change at work, I fell back into my old habits, gained back most of those 34 lbs, and feel miserable. With the possibility of a job change costing me my insurance, I went in at the beginning of this month to a series of doctors for check-ups, and have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, and put back on the 1500mg of Metformin and birth control. Having been on the medications for almost 4 weeks now, I am honestly a hormonal mess and feel physically and mentally worse than I did a month ago. I decided this week to start a Whole30 (possibly Whole90) and see how being on the medications affects the results, and if they will be better or worse than last February. If they are worse, I'm going to speak with my doctor about stopping the medications and trying a Whole90, unmedicated, to see if I can get the same amazing results as my first Whole30, AND find out if the Whole30 will help regulate my very irregular, hellish, life-destroying unmedicated menstrual cycle, because if it does, I'm never going off Whole30 again.