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  1. Innocent have released a compliant almond milk - it's just almonds, water and salt. Much easier to grab that in Tescos than having to go to health food shops for your almond milk. They also do coconut and hazelnut milks but these have rice in them so avoid those ones.

    Innocent also do a sparkling fruit water range called Bubbles which is the nearest thing to La Croix I think we can get in the UK! They're really delicious and only fruit juice and carbonated spring water. Again I see these readily available in supermarkets.

    I noticed that Tescos have started selling Naked Bacon but as someone else pointed out, their own brand of unsmoked bacon is compliant.

    Lidl's smoked salmon is compliant (not the fancy flavoured ones, but the 'plain' one) and is much cheaper than other shops; they sell compliant parma ham too.