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  1. I can't like Jianna's response enough.  There are so many way to enjoy the same foods they just may look a little different.  I'm not a huge fan of substituting for example you go vegan or vegetarian and use meat substitutes like the Impossible burger but, if there is something you can live without and you do as jianna suggested and reintroduce more than once and it;s just a no way I can't do it find something that looks like it.  

    Please don't regret making your body clean and being able to feel and preform better.

  2. I'm on day 31 and plan on staying for at least 60.  I did weigh myself today not really sure why.  I'm sure to just to confirm I lost weight.  I have found myself being cranky at night too. 

    I don't have any idea how to introduce foods sorry.  I feel like it's not a good idea for me right now .  Maybe look at why are you doing 90 days, what is YOUR motivation?   Mine is I have a really sensitive stomach.  My journey started  day after I came home form Roatan, Honduras after spending a week drinking and eating whatever I wanted.  I spent most of my mornings either in the bathroom or looking for one.  I've been eating very clean for over 10 years but the past couple years have just been laxed and I put on 15lbs. and always felt tired.  I'm feeling really good eating this way.  

    I felt bored last week but I read somewhere to look up new recipes to spice this up.  I love to cook so it did reignited my passion.  Good luck and do what makes sense to you.