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  1. Hey Stephany,

    Thought I'd check in and see how it goes. While I'm not being actively sabotaged (that's got to be hard!), my 11-year old daughter insisted on making Nutella brownies the other day. Kill me now. As of this morning, the rest of the family has polished them off so I dodged that bullet. Week 2 has been harder than week 1 for me, but so far I'm hanging in there. Realized belatedly the onion powder I had been using is not compliant, and I know that I'm technically supposed to "start over", but, well, I'm just not beat myself up for an accidental oversight. It's not like I scarfed down a pint of Ben & Jerry's. 

    Hopefully you made it to WholeFoods to stock up. In my area, we have lots of Whole Foods, but Trader Joes are fewer and farther between. I have some free time today, so am thinking about trekking to one, b/c they seem to have some interesting Whole30 compliant foods (turkey hot dogs, chicken chili lime 'burgers') that you can't get elsewhere. 

    Jicama doesn't have much flavor IMO, but wondering what you thought of it. I discovered a new fruit last summer that for me has been absolutely revelatory - soursop. (also called guanabana). IF you can find it, it's great mixed with other tropical fruit (papaya, guava, pineapple, etc...) and topped with Tajin or another chili-lime seasoning. 

    Happy Friday and good luck!


  2. So, I'm a newbie (Day 7) and have seen lots of posts about staying away from  Whole30 compliant mock "desserts", or any other food that would be considered SWYPO. But what if you are simply crazing a particular texture? Yesterday, I spent way too much of the day wanting dairy. Normally I don't have an issue overindulging in dairy, and I think I really wanted it b/c I wanted something creamy in texture. Would it have been the worst thing in the world to have 1/2 cup of cashew milk, for instance? I didn't do that, b/c I didn't have any cashew milk, but I'm thinking if this happened once, it will happen again. Any guidance appreciated. 

  3. Hey Stephany, 

    Nice to 'meet' you. Funny you just posted, b/c I just hopped on the forum to see if I could find out anything about whether it was bad or good to satisfy food cravings based on texture. I really wanted dairy yesterday, but mostly b/c I wanted something creamy.  

    I did sign on for a month of the Real Plans food planner, which I'm hoping will alleviate the boredom, which has already set in. I can only eat so much zuchhini and sweet potatoes. But I'm going to try and find some other recipes for week 2 that are a little more varied. The recipes I did make from the planner were pretty tasty, and so if you haven't tried that, I might recommend. 

    Feel free to stay in touch throughout the next 23 days - I'm doing this solo so certainly don't mind having a "partner" in this. 

    Have a good weekend!


  4. Well, I'm a little late to the forum party, but I'm on Day 6 of my first Whole30. So far I made it through The Hangover Days without too much trouble and through the Kill All the Things Days without feeling too murder-y. So far, so good, but food boredom is something I'm going to have to keep an eye on. If anyone else started Aug. 15 and wants an accountability partner, LMK.