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  1. On 5/30/2020 at 12:14 AM, mazzystarslight said:

    I went today and used their app, which has little Whole30 icons all over it now! Some things changed (like the salsa verde is not compliant anymore- yikes, but there is a new lemon herb tahini!) and you still have to be careful (the avocado smash, which had a $2 off promo, was listed as Whole30 if you replace the pita with cucumbers -- unfortunately, it also had feta cheese I had to scoop off :angry:)... still, very tasty!


    Thanks for the heads up about the sauces. It’s hard to find information on exactly wWhat is in the food. They do a great job of sharing the allergens

  2. Funny I find this forum because I just sent an email out to Zoe’s about what they are listing as whole 30 approved. They said potato chips that are cooked in sunflower oil are whole 30 approved as part of a box lunch. Their response was a snippet saying that because sunflower oil was recommended in small doses but not band that potato chips were acceptable for the plan! I really think someone from whole 30 needs to contact Zoe’s. They’re advertising some meals as whole 30 when in theory I don’t think they are.