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  1. The same for me, I have never found compliant salami. It's pretty hard to find something in my local stores. Sometimes I visit Houston, so I can buy something similar to what I want. I think it's almost impossible to purchase compliant salami on the web. Also, I can't get what's the point of buying eating online. You can't estimate its state or freshness + waiting time. The only thing I bought on Amazon was this kitchen scale But I would definitely not purchase compliant salami or so. Such products are not meant to be sold for mass-buyer. Sure thing, the decent product will be pricy.

  2. Coffee is one of my favorite drinks in the world and I don't really know anything about the effects on the human body. <removed spammy link> I drink about four to five coffees a day and I'm grateful that my body isn't getting hurt from this. However, after hearing about your problem, I think ill probably shorten the number of coffees I drink every day. Anyways, I hope you get better and healthy again.