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  1. I need some TLC… thought I would have an easy week ahead, meal planned and went grocery shopping etc… but yesterday broke or sprained (they had a doubt at the ER) my wrist while out skiing for the day. :-(

    so my left arm is in a cast… no whole30 compatible pre-packaged meals here in France and I didn’t get a lot of meal prep done (except for a batch of chicken-vegetable soup that should keep me going for about 2 days). Boohoo.

    of course it’s also cycle day 1 today so I’m feeling quite sorry for myself. Thanks all for letting me vent! :)

  2. 4 hours ago, tiffysquid said:

    oh! also: i am readig a book called "The XX Brain: The Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Maximize Cognitive Health and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Hardcover" by Lisa Mosconi PhD.

    and the conclusions are anti-Whole30, opposite-of-paleo, in many ways. animal fat bad. whole grains okay. it's stressing me out. my mom has early stage dementia, and i have hormonal issues. Whole30 and "Whole30-ish" and paleo eating make me feel better and lose weight... but if they're going to give me Alzheimer's and/or a heart attack, is it worth it??

    i wish the science were more accurate and consistent! that'd make things easy.

    Oh, that’s weird… I’ve also read stuff that says the opposite - that keto/paleo/whole30 type nutrition can prevent Alzheimer’s…

    is this a recent publication you’re reading?

  3. Great to read all the posts, gives a little boost on this 2nd day dealing with an upset bowel… (I’m on W30 day 17) I’m not sure what caused it, but I might have overeaten on (chinese 5 spice) cashews… or it were the marinated mushrooms..?

    So for the coming days I’m trying to stay away from nuts, cabbages, mushrooms and raw veggies and hope to be in shape back soon because Sunday I felt like I could conquer the world and was sure the Tiger Blood had kicked in!

  4. Hi all, late to the thread, but I also started my first Whole30 on January 3rd.

    Reasons for joining: trying to get rid of frequent belly cramps, difficult bowel movements (sorry, TMI), itch on back that's sometimes popping up, continued shoulder pain (despite gaining back mobility almost completely after breaking collarbone in November 2020). Oh, and I wouldn't mind losing 2-3 kg either. :-)

    Never done a Whole30 before but have been thinking about it for quite some time. Did a 6-week detox with my gym in 2017 which changed my life, before that I was a huge sugar addict. I managed to eat pretty well after that for several years, mostly low-carb, but then Covid hit, I broke my collarbone which left me inactive for 3+ months, and I was tired of cooking different meals for us and the kids (cause they never liked the stuff hubby and I ate), so pasta, bread, croissants and cookies etc sneaked back into my life.

    I'm Dutch but I've been living in France for the past 17 years. So no Whole30-approved items here either, although I managed to find sugar-free bacon (but no sausage, snif).

    Week one has been pretty good. The most challenging time of the day for me is 4 pm snack time. This is actually the 3rd meal in France, as dinner is often not before 7:30/8 pm. And for me it used to be my favorite meal, with chocolate, fruit and cookies... ;-) So now I try to do something else around that time to distract myself (go for a walk, meditate, clean the house - anything but sitting behind my computer, although yesterday I managed to just continue working and sipping my tea but not eating any snack with it at all, so that was a small victory!)

    Sleep was all over the place though, but last night I finally had a good night's sleep, so I hope that'll continue.