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Hooray for Me- Day 3


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I am a Mom to five who is relatively active. I stumbled on to this program via Pinterest. I have been struggling with stomach issues for 2 years. And have gotten no answers from several GI dotors. A combination of acid reflux and an undiagnosed pain that comes and goes. I decided to make this commitment because while I was trying to cut out gluten, I just wasn't invested. My stomach was bloated, I had squishy sides that were becoming the muffin top (ick). I am also premenopausal, have hormone issues, fatigue, etc. I am just ready to feel better. And honestly, I know that I can do anything for 30 days:). So far I really miss half and half in my coffee-but it has been very doable. I am experiencing some wicked bloating and hope that this will subside in the upcoming weeks.

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