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Whole 30 Day 19


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I'm already on day 19 and finally made it here to post.

I am feeling pretty good. I am waking up well before my alarm every day and sleeping better than ever. I had to pull some smaller clothes out of the back of my closet. I am still feeling bloated in the afternoons though. Here is my day.


2 cups black coffee

2 scrambled eggs with a medium zucchini cooked in coconut oil


Two good size salmon cakes made with sweet potatoes (cooked in coconut oil first), kale, spinach and eggs.

1 tomato

2 carrots


1 banana and some almond butter (I have been avoiding the snacks but was in a hurry and knew I had to sit through a spaghetti dinner tonight where I could eat nothing.


Large salad with taco seasoned venison.

(leaf lettuce, carrots, onions, tomatoes and a whole avocado

I don't really like the way I felt after I had the sweet potatoes. I could hardly keep my eyes open. It is only the 2nd time I've eaten then on whole30. (I'm assuming it was sweet potatoes, I have eaten everything else regularly)

I'm just now fitting my work out in. I will probably have some veggies and a hard-boiled egg depending on how hard I actually get myself to work. My motivation has been lacking and it is getting a little late for me.

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Day 20


I had sauteed kale with two scrambled eggs. 1 cup coffee.

My biggest revelation through this so far is how much my family connects to each other with food. I see this between my mother and sisters and me and I've passed it on to my kids. I could not believe the hurt in my son's eyes when I said I would not eat ice cream with him. I have always had my kids in the kitchen with me and we have cooked together all the time but I'm going to really get them in there more to create healthy meals together in hopes that we can transfer the junk food relationship to the healthy food relationship.

On the bright side I am the only one doing this in my house but I'm seeing my family's diet get even healthier by default.

Lunch two salmon cakes and a tomato

preworkout snack one salmon cake

Dinner - Well fed chili with quac and banana

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Food really is the great uniter, isn't it? My husband and I don't have any family here so I haven't had to deal with that side of things but I can imagine being with my family and trying to negotiate eating with them and staying compliant. Would be very hard not to hurt feelings. I'm sure you will find healthy alternatives to enjoy with your kids and that's brilliant there's a flow-on effect with your family's meals. Well done :)

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Day 21

Breakfast - 2 eggs fried with zucchini in coconut oil 1 banana

Lunch - ground venison with broccoli, onion, and carrots with Italian seasoning

Snack - banana

Dinner - Chicken soup with carrots and Kale and coconut milk

I gave into a sweet craving today by grabbing a banana. I am really trying to address fruit this week. I am doing this because I have a huge sugar issue.

I have been eating paleoish for over a year but the sugar just keeps creeping back into my life. I did well until I discovered "paleoizing" my favorite treats. I absolutely love baking and was resistant to give up grains for a long time because of it. The big problem was that if they were in the house I would end up grabbing one for breakfast. I travel between schools for work everyday at lunch so I would find myself crashing and stopping for a sweet coffee and eventually candy bars as my year got more stressful. At this point I have learned a lot about what makes me want to eat. I'm also impressed that I wake up before my alarm and have enough energy to actually make myself breakfast in the morning. I feed whoever is willing to join me in the kitchen every day also. Unfortunately I usually just share my breakfast with my dog and my kids (teens) grab something and run.

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Day 22

I have more energy and motivation than normal today. It could be the long weekend with nothing planned though. I cleaned out my fridge and started preparing more food for next week. I also tried making homemade coconut milk. Easy peasy and fun. I actually don't have any meals planned to put it in but I'll come up with something. I almost had another cup of coffee just to taste it in something.

I am getting sick of meat. I was a vegetarian for a long time and have always made sure to stretch out my meat by using more legumes. I have not been utilizing the fish we have in the freezer, I will plan on using that this week. Thank goodness my husband is a big hunter and fisher.


Chicken soup leftovers from last night


Well Fed Chili left overs, 2 carrots

Dinner- I used this recipe but used mixed white fish from the lake and spread the topping and salsa over more pieces to feed my whole family.


I also had a big plate of lettuce and a piece of watermelon. I ruined my first attempt at cooking an artichoke and so went for lettuce for backup.

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Day 23

I actually slept in until 8 this morning. Very strange for me but it was a good day for it and it felt good. It really threw me off though. I had a bowl of chicken soup for breakfast and then left the house and forgot to eat. Ended up with a huge headache. I ate a banana on the way home from the grocery store though and my headache cleared right up.


Chicken soup

Lunch banana


Mustard lime chicken and roasted broccoli. I'm also making some salmon cakes for the week so I'll most likely eat one of thos post workout.


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Today was rough. I did not pack enough lunch and had to stop for groceries on the way home. Wow all my old habits wanted to come back. I made it but ate a banana on the way home. Then I cut up some fruit for a salad for a pot luck my family was going to and ended up eating that and was full. I had to teach a fitness class though before I could eat dinner so I ended up over hungry. I just came home and overstuffed myself.

B. sausage eggs and zucchini

L chicken soup

S banana and fruit

D sausage eggs and zucchini and fresh cherries.

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My stomach hurt this morning and I didn't want to eat until I had to leave. Not my best day for food choices the rest of the day.

Breakfast banana and a little leftover chicken

Lunch. Chicken soup

Dinner. Carrots, chicken, prunes

Snack. Blueberries and a handful mixed raw nuts.

I definately did not eat enough veggies today and too much fruit. Packing my salad for lunch tomorrow right now and prepping my spinach and zucchini to have in my eggs for breakfast now.

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Breakfast eggs sausage and spinach

Lunch spaghettini squash and meat sauce with venison

Dinner same as dinner

Snack prunes and cashews (way too many), banana and strawberries

Another not so good day of eating. I forgot about fat and lost it on fruit tonight. Chocolate was looking good so it could have been worse. Tomorrow is my last day is school with students and this week has been pretty stressful. Time to refocus. 4 more days! Maybe longer.

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I can' remember what I ate yesterday. Last day of school and it was nuts! I'm worried about reaching the end as I still really crave my comforting habits. I was daydreaming about the way a candy bar makes me feel. If I can do this for 30 days though I can totally avoid candy at all costs. I will be traveling and attending several conferences over the next month though so I will introduce to see how feel and then plan another whole 30 in either august or September because I am sure I will need to reset.

Day 28

Sausage, eggs, and spinach scramble

Handful of nuts and dried cherries-post workout

Lunch Ground pork, red pepper, spaghetti squash, zucchini, garlic, cilantro cooked in coconut oil

Dinner 2 eggs, asparagus and red pepper banana

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Day 29. My stomach hurts again tonight. I have unbelievable gas and bloating. So frustrated this has been going on all week but I didn't want to admit it. I want to feel good and be done. I was thinking it was the ground pork. I did eat it too much this week so maybe it still is and needs time to leave my system. I also avoided nuts today. I felt fine all day and it hit about an hour after dinner tonight. Maybe dinner was just too spicy as well. I will probably need to try to extend this another week to try to figure this out. I am disappointed though, I will be at workshops all week with lunch provided and I just want to feel normal.

Breakfast - Zucchini, red pepper, 2 eggs, fresh cherries

Lunch - Roasted Broccoli and shrimp, half a avocado

Dinner - Venison taco meat (chili powder, cumin, cilantro, onions, garlic, black olives) Homemade tomatillo salsa, half an avocado,

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Day 30!


 I can't believe I did it!  I have never had so much control over what I eat.  I've tried so many new recipes.  I have always loved cooking but was more likely to bake sweets.  My stomach feels much better today. I bet it was the pork.  I don't know why I decided to eat it besides it was in the fridge.  


Breakfast-roasted asparagus and 2 eggs

Lunch - Venison steak and roasted sweet potatoes (I know no veggies really, I felt like being naughty!) cherries

Dinner- Venison taco meat on salad with quac.

Snack- banana and strawberries cut up (my son wanted to make something for me)


I will reintroduce dairy this week sometime ( I don't expect good results)  and then legumes next or maybe I will reverse that.  Otherwise I'm going to try just staying pretty clean.  I have a feeling I'll need another one by September.

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