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Day 2 and doing great


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Yesterday I returned to the Whole30 after 3 days of falling off the wagon (or is it "on the wagon"...I can never remember)  I did great! At least I was compliant all day and was not even tempted by s'mores at a bonfire.  I spent the morning doing some cooking so didn't have to worry about meals all day and think I have enough for today too.


Made a most delicious beef shank recipe that I found on primalpalate.com  http://www.primalpalate.com/blog/braised-beef-shanks/


I think I will be making these a lot.


It was so nice to not wake up with a dairy/wheat headache this morning!


I am planning to keep a log this time for accountability and to track my progress..as hopefully digestive and respiratory issues and cravings dissipate over next 29 days.

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