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My Whole30 Challenges so far: Day 5


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Hi, I started the whole30 on Thursday, June 6th.  I was unable to make it over to the forums due to work and constantly buying and cooking food (more on that in a bit), but I have a slower day today, and really wanted to reach out to others about making it through 30 days of this type of lifestyle, especially since I don't feel the challenges that I've been facing are the typical ones outlined in the book. 


Before I talk about my unique challenges, I definitely am struggling with the cost factor of this diet.  5 days in and I've already spent $200 on groceries.  That's 100% more than my typical budget allows per week for me and my husband.  Luckily, I have some extra money that I am going to invest in this 30 days, but there is no way that this lifestyle would be sustainable beyond this 30 day experience. 


My seemingly more unique challenge comes from my appetite and tastes.  I do not crave all those bad things I used to eat.  I am doing fine there, and sugar was my best friend and favorite thing to eat, but once I tell myself it's off-limits, then that's it.  It's off-limits and no longer tempts me.  The problem I'm having, then, is simply not being hungry for a lot of what is available to me.  I'm at the point where a lot of this food is making me gag on second or third go around of eating it (eggs, broccoli, chicken sausage), and so my appetite disappears and I really don't want anything, so eating nearly all things makes me gag.  I can resist temptation, but it's still a battle to eat the good stuff because I'm already sated on the flavors.


So, there's that problem.  Then, the other problem of simply juggling my time and making things work with all the cooking that has to be done.  I guess I can definitely see that getting easier as I become more skilled in the kitchen, and start prepping things better.   However, it does not take away from the fact that not only am I cooking/prepping almost an hour for each meal, but I never even considered the tripling of dirty dishes that this causes!  There's another hour per day I'm losing in extra dishes.  Again, I know it's one of those things that will get better as I get better, but it still is an issue as my time is spent more in the kitchen now than outside, and I am not crazy about that.  As much as the Whole30 is about stopping the focus on and obsession with food, I find myself far more involved with it than ever before.  The time thinking about it, planning around it, and shopping for it (I forgot to mention shopping-time!  Another extra hour/week) is far more than any other thought.  It's kind of crazy.


This all said, I'm still sticking with it.  Partly because I broke one of the rules and weighed myself on day 4 and am down 4 pounds already.  I know that's not supposed to be the motivation for the Whole30, but I don't really care.  It is a motivator for me, and if I'm being so rigid with all of the other rules it feels good to break at least one.  I am a rebel at heart, dang it.  I can't be all good, all the time.

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Hi, Amerikaann!


This may help you out with your grocery budget:



As for not being interested in eating healthy foods, I've experienced something similar when attempting the Whole30 in the past.  It seems to go away after a couple weeks and I start craving good foods.  Also, I'm a very picky eater and worked on finding quick and easy, delicious meals.

These chicken fingers helped me eat more chicken:  http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/01/recipe-paleo-chicken-fingers.html

And Nom Nom Paleo's Korean short ribs are a life saver as well:  http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3762844557/slow-cooker-korean-grass-fed-short-ribs  Try these with some mashed cauliflower and clarified butter.  Yummm!


To save you some time, look into making more slow cooker meals (they're simple and can be super delicious!).  Also, when making a meal, make extra so that you don't have to cook the next day.  Or stock up on things that are ready to eat like SeaSnax, and canned tuna or salmon.  (;


Hope that helps!  :D

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I definately went nuts and broke the grocery budget when I first started. And I felt I was cooking/cleaning all. the. time. But I was cooking all of the new recipes in my new books, trying out new foods I've never had before, and running to the grocery store every other day becuase I would need fresh dill for one recipe or we were out of eggs. Again. Oh, and the organic, grass-fed thing just killed me. I don't know what food prices are down where you are, but I can't find grass-fed beef for under $8/lb. It's stupid. I'm starting to view the sticker shock and late-night cook-a-thons as sort of "Whole30 hazing".


I think around my second week I was just over food. I didn't want to look at it. I felt sick when I had to eat it.  I could never eat a chicken breast again and be okay with it. My way around it was find the two or three meals that I just can't wait to have (mine are chili, my hubby's thai curry, and spinach salad with tuna and egg) and just stuck with those. Pass on the stuff I felt "meh" about. After a while my appetite for both food and cooking came back!


It's definately an adjustment. I love your "grr ... rebel!" attitude! :)

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