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Jay's Accountability Log


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I like the idea of a log as it'll help keep me accountable.

So far this year, my wife and I did a Whole 30 in January and have been fairly well paleo since. We've let ourselves get away from it for a meal here and there and a couple times have strayed for a couple of days. As we continue, it has become easier and our "cheats" are less often and less destructive.

We did splurge a bit last week (really not that much, probably 80% paleo for the week) while on vacation so we're following up with a Whole 30. We are, however, going to allow ourselves either red wine or norcal margaritas 1 night per week.

Yesterday was Day 1:

Breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs

Midmorning - apple

Lunch - big salad with left over grilled chicken

Snacked on raw green beans while making dinner

Dinner - grilled turkey breast, roasted green beans, steamed kale w/ mediteranian dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper)

before bed - 2 spoons of almond butter

nuts and almond butter are my weakness. These need to go for a while until I can eat them in more reasonable quantities.

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Day 2

Breakfast: 3 hardboiled eggs and green tea with cinnamon

Lunch: salad w/ romain, bell peppers, and cucumbers with a pouch of salmon

afternoon: apple with spoon of almond butter

pre-ride: banana - then did a 90 minute bike ride and 30 minute run

post-run: 1/2 serving of hammer recoverite - not Whole 30 but I didn't plan well and had no other option with me.

Dinner: ground beef burger (no bun of course) topped with homemade paleo mayo and homemade paleo ketchup as well as mushrooms and onions sauted in ghee and a plate of mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots) lightly sauted in ghee and topped with turmeric

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