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Isthmic spondy or sciatica, anyone?

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Hello everyone,


I started doing Whole30 because a friend of my mom shared some amazing success stories with me. Her arthritis in her hand stopped hurting, her mom's hip stopped hurting (or maybe it doesn't hurt as much, I can't remember), and her stepdad's colitis stopped flaring up. All really cool stuff that inspired me to make a change in my life.


I have isthmic spondylolisthesis, which has led to a lot of sciatic pain. So I was wondering if anyone else on here has sciatica, and if so, have you had any great success with lessening the pain since going on Whole30? I'm really hoping I see some improvement, since I'm avoiding all these anti-inflammatory foods. But even if it doesn't get better, I can't have spinal surgery until I get to a healthier BMI, so I'm glad that Whole30 is helping me in that regard...but I wouldn't exactly complain if I was able to go shopping again.  ;)

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