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Started today -- with practically non-existent hunger/satiety cues


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Hi everyone!


I'm Megan, 30, and have started my Whole30 today! I'm really excited about taking this step to overcome an addiction to sugar and sweets, get in touch with my natural hunger/satiety cues, have more energy, and reduce ailments like headaches and stomach upsets.


Starting today gave me instant feedback on how well my hunger/satiety cues are working. It seems they're not working very well at all. After meals, I feel physically full. However, I still feel really "hungry," I'm guessing because my body isn't getting the sugar it's craving. Feeling so full and hungry at the same times shows me how little what I've been viewing as "hunger" is correlated to a need for nourishment and food for energy and how much it's actually correlated to craving sugar and psychological reward. This really does feel like battling an addiction.


Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to begin feeling satiated by food you were eating during your Whole30?



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