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my whole30 log


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Found whole30 last night and this program spoke to me... Thinking I have a thyroid problem and want to try to correct with diet first! If that is even possible.

I made clarified butter and mayo today!!!! The Mayo was surprisingly really good!

My first day:

Egg muffin made with - bell pepper, 1/2 piece of bacon (although it probably had sugar, I will pick it out tomorrow), egg and jalepeno pepper

Okra and tomato with onion sauteed in olive oil and grilled homemade turkey burger (it was a bit dry)

salad with thinly sliced beef, lemon and olive oil dressing

Chicken salad with homemade mayo.... I had to try it, it looked so good!!!!!

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day 2:


chicken salad, with paleo mayo, bell pepper (red and yellow), jalapeno, red onion and cucumber... few rosemary nuts.


homemade turkey burger, 1 avocado, 1 small orange, and spaghetti squash

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