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Evonne's Whole30 log


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I'm on day 7 today and just realized what this forum was all about.  So I'll start with yesterday's meals...


Meal 1 - two broiled burgers (85/15 meat)

              14 oz french style green beans


Meal 2 - two pork chops browned in EVOO and seasoned with salt/onion powder then cooked on low heat

              zucchini chips brushed with EVOO/salt (about 1 trayful)


Meal 3 - Chicken breast cooked in EVOO and seasoned with salt/garlic powder

              zucchini chips (brushed with EVOO/salt) about 1 trayful

              handful of cashew chunks


I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself since last evening I went to a Community Day/Concert with my family where the food was typical concert food.  I took my food with me and ate it while the rest of them chowed down on cheese steaks, corn dogs, cheese fries, and sausage.  It turned out that the concert was quite a hike uphill from where we parked and had to walk. After the show the family decided it would be great to stop and get ice cream.  I waited in the car.  They at least had the decency to eat in the DQ and not in front of me.  I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of support I'm getting but at the same time, I get it since they have been through this with me so many times and probably thing this is just another diet craze that is never going to work just like the others.  The point is, I still managed to stick with it and now I kind of have another motivation to prove to them and myself that I can do this.  The old me would have caved or at the very least taken samples of theirs.


Thanks for listening.

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Day 7 was a bit rushed reading forums, trying to get ideas, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, getting ready to see Idina Menzel and going to concert.


2 burgers for with french style green beans

2 burgers with raw baby carrots 

1 chicken breast (EVOO/lemon/sea salt) with steamed baby carrots/ghee


Got hungry after an evening out with my daughter, had a handful of cashew chunks.

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