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Started July 9th


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So, my DH and I are on day 4. So far, so good. We were almost Whole30 compliant before starting - we ate very little grains and sugar - but to do this we had to cut two biggies: alcohol and dairy. I make milk kefir and sheep's milk yogurt, and I've put my cultures in the back of the fridge and hope they make it throught the month. I may make a batch and give it away just to keep the critters happy.

I'm doing this as an experiment to see how dairy affects my skin and sleep. I wake up every single night at 3-4 am, feeling like I'm jumping out of my skin. I have to get up and do yoga to get back to sleep. DH is cutting the wine to see if it improves his overall energy. Both of us are also runners and we would each like to pare our weight down by 10 pounds to get to a better racing weight. We're already lean (me: 5'11" 145lbs, him 5'11" 158lbs) but hauling those extra pounds uphill is not fun.

Last night I woke up with strange pains in my lower back/hips area, and it's still kind of there. Almost a PMS pain. ANd we're both feeling very tired. I wonder if this is normal, when all we're really cutting out is wine and dairy? We're doing the protein and fat-heavy breakfast, and DH eats plenty of fruit over the course of the day to keep his carbs up. I don't normally eat breakfast but am doing it now as part of the program. (eggs/avocado/sauerkraut). We both drink plenty of water, particularly first thing in the morning.

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