Started yesterday (Aug. 11); seeking a partner

Martha S.

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Hello everyone. I'm 48 and 75 pounds overweight. Have been eating Paleo for 3 weeks now, but since I "fell off the wagon" a couple of times, I started over yesterday (and I just learned about Whole 30). I'm doing pretty well with the eating, shopping and cooking, but it's a big time commitment and I particularly need a buddy to encourage me to get more exercise. I'd also love to share tips for how to do the Whole 30 with 2 teenagers and a hubbie in the house who are not entirely on board with the Paleo thing. They're pretty supportive, and my teens are unusually health-conscious, but hubbie likes his ice cream bars and chips once in a while (he's not overweight). I am emailing a Paleo trainer once a week through Robb Wolf's website to share my goals and successes with her. One thing I have done to deal with non-Paleo food in the house is to get a toolbox with a combination lock for the cupboard for the chips, etc., so hubbie has them but I can't get to them late at night. Same for the chest freezer--he tried to hide ice cream bars in there but I found them by accident when I was hunting for frozen meat, and then I binged. So, now there is a canvas bag in there with another lock. Hah!  Hubbie is so happy, because it means he can still have his occasional treat (unlike me, he can make a box of treats last a month), and he can share the combination with our teens if they want something. Anyway, I'd love to correspond with one or two people in this Forum each week, and to email them if I am tempted to fall off the wagon again with my sugar and carb addiction. Anyone interested? Thanks.

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