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The Rhyne Post Whole 30

Randy R

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Today is day 31 for Becki and I and we made it!!!!


We are both sleeping significantly better. I am having less pain in my knees. She has had a great reduction in her Crohns symptoms.


I am 6'3 and started off at 314 lbs and 51.5 inch waist. I am now at 285 and a 49 inch waist.


She refuses to ever tell me her weight. My best guess is originally around 140 lbs at 5'4. She said she lost 11lbs.


I know she plans on adding honey back in, but other than that we dont plan on stopping at Whole30. We are going WholeXXX. Now that eating the right things is easy it is time to really focus in on proper portion sizes.


I also started Crossfit training last night. It kicked my BUTT and I loved every second of it!

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